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Cedhel Clinica
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Cedhel Clinica

On the days of today, the work excess, long and stressful journeys, preoccupation focused to the professional run, chaotic traffic, allying still to the sedentary life, has been producing an amazing increase of reproductive problems. It her neglects these added up factors for ignorance of the sexual health, marriage and late pregnancy, they brought the great challenge of we won the problem of the conjugal infertility, and consequently the gravidezes of high risk. However with advancement of the Reproductive Medicine and knowledge in Medicine Fetal and Ultrassonografia, it has been favoring many cases of success that before were impossible. The couple suffers thorough clinical investigations: Physical examination, hormonal Evaluation, Ultrassonografia to value factors - ovarianos, Histerossalpingografia to value tuboperitoneais factors, Espermograma and other evaluations of masculine factors. In some cases they need surgical proceedings for evaluation and also treatment: Histeroscopia for evaluation of the uterine cavity, surgical resection of polyp or myoma, correction of septum in the uterine malformações. Laparoscopia for lise of tubária adherence, evaluation of the perviedade of the (cromotubagem) tubas or treatment of pelvic endometriose. Varicocelectomia or reversion of vasectomy to correct some masculine factors. Evolving finally into the treatments of conjugal infertility, which consist essentially in stimulating the follicles development ovarianos up to the ripe phase, monitoring for ultrassonografia constantly, for then the realization of Planned Coitus (low complexity), Intrauterine Insemination (middle complexity) or to Fertilize In Vitro (FIV) and Injection intracitoplasmática of spermatozoa (ICSI) (high complexity), everything through an accessible cost. Each cycle provides a success rate between 30-35 % on the world-wide average, and when patients are depending mainly on the age of; being that 90 % of the couples manages to get pregnant through these treatments. In some situations, we still dispose of the possibility of ovodoação (in bad repliers, women of advanced age or with bankruptcy ovariana premature), criopreservação of the ova, sperms and embryos, as in the cases of treatment for the cancer or simply like personal option of postponing the pregnancy in a more favorable time. Composed by specialists in the area of Gynecology, Obstetrics and Human Reproduction. Compromised with the excellence, we look constantly perfect the knowledges scientific-technically, always renew the equipments and update incessantly our professional conducts in accordance with the state of the art of the Medicine, respecting the individuality of each one of our patient ones. We have the happiness of having helped hundreds of couples to carry out his dreams of having a lovely and healthy family (see gallery of the photos – our pride!).

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Submitted by Maria on Tuesday, Sep 10, 2019

Have not received the answe to my questions

Overall Rating

Was glancing through your profile as was wondering to learn more about in vitro fertilization treatment bundles you have and their valid prices. Was frustrated as there was no answer for two months.

Submitted by Aisha on Tuesday, Jul 09, 2019

No reply for my questions that I submitted in the middle of June

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Hi, no reply for my questions that I submitted in the middle of June. I wanted to know if it is possible to have a mixed race egg donor for IVF in your clinic and if yes, could I see the photos.

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