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Who We Are, Our Mission and Vision

Why OVU Surrogacy & Fertility Network

"Connecting you with leading and innovative fertility clinics and surrogacy agencies worldwide." — Ovu Surrogacy & Fertility Network.


OVU Surrogacy & Fertility Network is Creating a Global Searching Platform Designed to Connect Patients with Leading Innovative Ivf Clinics & Surrogacy Agencies. Fueled by Knowledge, Powered By People.

Say hello to 1000 fertility clinics and 250 surrogacy agencies, all in one place. 10000 Dedicated Fertility Experts, Nurses, Healthcare Coordinators, Personal Managers, Legal Assistants, and Quality Service Managers — all united to make your Ivf or Surrogacy journey seamless and smooth while creating the Miracle for you. 

Discover the top 25 fertility destinations.

Explore 500+ fertility treatment programs by Pros in Assisted Reproduction with your heart in mind. Compare Ivf & Surrogacy bundles and costs. Get to know what is in the Bundle. And Make One Bundle — Yours.

Who are we helping? 

  Single men who wish to start a surrogacy journey. 

  Single women who are dreaming about having their little Miracles.

 Heterosexual couples who desire to have new additions to their families.

  LGBTQIA+ singles and couples looking for options to complete their families.           

Clinics & Agencies: 

✔ 1000 fertility clinics & Ivf units

✔ 250 surrogacy agencies 


⮟ 100 countries 

⮝ 25 top destinations

Assisted Reproduction options:

☑ 200 IUI programs

☑ 300 Ivf programs

☑ 100 Surrogacy programs

☑ 200 other programs

Giving feedback: 

 10,000 Quotes Answered

 Patients from 100+ countries

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