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Surely you have already envisioned in  your mind the first ‘DATE’ with your small bundle of joy as the moment  of cordial connection. But have you ever envisioned how your future baby  may look like? Have you ever mentally ‘glanced’ at your future baby’s  gorgeous eyes? Have you ever thought that those intriguing  gorgeously–shaped dark–golden curls fall around your future baby–girl’s  back and shoulders? The gorgeous baby–girl with the cascade of  dark–golden curls down to her waist, so intriguingly curled, so  glittering, so gorgeous, so tempting… And you are captured by the divine  beauty of her curls… Your girl is basically so attractive, that even  you wonder if she is for real. She is impeccably charming. Or if you  have a tiny dude, have you ever envisioned him with so impeccably  charming? With so sparkling dark eyes? With so cute tiny curls? Dreaming?Wondering if that possible? Be sure, everything is possible! The Advanced and Sophisticated OptionsWill TurnYour Dream into Reality!

If  you cannot conceive the baby during half a year that doesn’t mean that  you are infertile. If you were suggested by your doctor to go to a  fertility clinic that also doesn’t mean that you are infertile. Without  fertility testing, you cannot be diagnosed as ‘infertile’. Stop criticizing yourself for being unable to get pregnant. Because even if  the infertility was diagnosed that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to  have the baby. And you shouldn’t feel numb. Infertility is the medical  diagnosis, and it’s not something to be ashamed of or embarrassed by.  It’s just part of your story. And in most cases, this ‘PART’ of your  story can be changed. And these CHANGES start with CHOOSING the  EXPERIENCED REPRODUCTIVE SPECIALIST. The one who can be trusted. The one  who is respected. The one who has dramatic positive results. Wondering  how to CHOOSE YOUR doctor? We are HERE to Navigate you!

But  before you choose the Clinic and get connected to the Medical Team,  glance through the Treatment Option’s and the other options’ List that  the Clinics may propose you:

(1) General Gynecology (Consultation);

(2) General Andrology (Consultation);

(3) Consultation with a Reproductive Specialist (Endocrinologist/Gynecologist);

(4) IUI (Intrauterine Insemination (Artificial Insemination));

(5) IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) using Donor’s Sperm;

(6) IVF (In Vitro Fertilization);

(7) IVF using Donor’s Oocyte;

(8) IVF using Donor’s Sperm;

(9) Programs for Same–Sex Couples;

(10) Traditional Surrogacy using Donor Oocytes (the Surrogate’s Eggs) and your partner’s sperm;

(11) Gestational Surrogacy using your egg (oocyte) and your partner’s sperm;

(12) Gestational Surrogacy using your egg (oocyte) and Donor’s Sperm;

(13)  Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) for aneuploidy is a test to be  performed on embryos during IVF treatment to screen for chromosomal  abnormalities;

(14) PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis);

(15) Elective Fertility Preservation: Oocyte (Egg) Freezing;

(16) Elective Fertility Preservation: Sperm Freezing;

(17) Elective Fertility Preservation: Embryo Freezing;

(18) Surgical Gynecology;

(19) Surgical Andrology;

(20) Other Treatment Options [insert your version here];

(21) Pharmacies (To Book and Order Medications for Treatment, Fertility Medications from Pharmacies);

(22) Reproductive Lawyers (Lawyers Specializing in Reproductive Law).

The  world is being changed by the sophisticated tandem of Digital  Technologies and Digital Data. Today, we cannot envision the World  either without data or without technologies. The World can be  represented as the myriad connections between the digital data.

Myriad  of fingertips are Googling the most updated information about the  Treatment Options every tiny moment… Millions of Sparkling eyes are  glancing through billions of articles and thousands of the websites… The  Universe of thoughts is designing a myriad of Sparkling dreams… But  sometimes the Sparkling dreams are not so sparkling as the emotional  tension, anxiety, anger, and frustration interfere with the  dreaming–reality… Intervene with everything that you envisioned in your  dream–reality and entailing the depression because all the Options are  so Sparkling but you are not sure if this one option chosen exclusively  for you will work…

Wondering what  every option noted in this list means? Worrying about the advantages and  disadvantages it has? Not sure that this option is designed for you?  Feeling like a bundle of nerves because you have no idea what option  should be chosen because there are several ones that may be proposed for  you? No worries here! We will navigate you in this Complex Ecosystem  and will show you what is “inside” every treatment option! Why Waiting?  All the Options are at your Fingertips! Just Bundle Up and Glance  Through!

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