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Commercial Surrogacy

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What is commercial surrogacy?
Commercial surrogacy is an arrangement in which the surrogate mother gets financial compensation for her services beyond reimbursement of her medical expenses. The payment includes the Base Compensation for surrogacy services, Monthly Allowance (paid in monthly installments), Health Insurance, Legal Counsel fees, all Travel Expenses to the...

In Vitro Clinic

The “In Vitro” Fertility Clinic is one of the largest fertility centers in Georgia. The clinic was established at the Zhordania Institute as an IVF department in 1997 and since that time has maintained its reputation as being one of the... more...

T'bilisi, Tbilisi , Georgia

Mini IVF Center
Rated 4/5 (5 Reviews)

We offer a wide variety of fertility treatments from the simple to the most complex including artificial insemination, in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) and ICSI. Pre implantation genetic diagnosis is a technique that can be used to test embryos before implantation... more...

Kyiv, Kyiv City , Ukraine

SILK Medical
Verified Clinic

SILK Medical is a multidisciplinary medical center that combines state-of-the-art technology, years of medical experience and a cozy atmosphere to create all the conditions for successful treatment. One of the priority areas of the clinic is infertility... more...

T'bilisi, Tbilisi , Georgia

Verified Clinic

Angels Friend s.r.o is a fertility and surrogacy agency in Prague that provide ALL FERTILITY SERVICES in various clinics across Czech Republic. We deliver stress-free journey to worldwide clients seeking to complete their family.  We provide... more...

Prague, Prague, Czechia

atlasCARE IVF Surrogacy Clinic
Verified Clinic

Please visit https://www.caresurrogacygeorgia.com/ to connnect with our highly-skilled atlasCARE Coordinator — Amy Saracoglu. She is your primary channel of communication during your entire surrogacy journey. Her superior service provides our... more...

Batumi, Adjara , Georgia

Barbados Fertility Center
Verified Clinic

Our Principles. Our philosophy at Barbados Fertility Center is all about personalized care. We are committed to providing high-quality medical care with an established, success-proven, internationally trained medical team. We deliver the very best care... more...

Barbados Island,

Be Parent Surrogacy
Verified Clinic

Be Parent oversees the creation of a family through surrogacy, from the very beginning, extending support even well after birth. Our approach is unified and simple as we guide intended parents through this life-changing experience step-by-step. ... more...

T'bilisi, Tbilisi, Georgia

Beverly Hills Egg Donation
Rated 3/5 (1 Review)
Verified Clinic

This egg donation agency is located at Beverly Hills in California USA. The expert and experienced team at the agency guide both the donor and recipient through the egg donation process and make the entire procedure stress free for both parties. Personal... more...

Beverly Hills, California , United States

BioTexCom Clinic
Rated 4.5/5 (4 Reviews)
Verified Clinic

Center for Human Reproduction BioTexCom is a team of professionals who use the latest practices and methods of fertility treatment. Signing the contract, our patients receive a complete service package. In particular, BioTexCom drivers meet couples... more...

Kyiv, Kyiv City , Ukraine

Choice Surrogacy, Inc.
Verified Clinic

We are a full service surrogacy agency comprised of experienced professionals within the surrogacy industry that have helped thousands of new parents and surrogates. If you’re on either side of the spectrum from welcoming a new member of your... more...

Wimberley, Texas , United States

Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency
Rated 5/5 (11 Reviews)
Verified Clinic

At Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency, we work with several high-quality Ukrainian clinics that meet our very rigorous standards medically, ethically. We offer reasonable costs, excellent parent, child and surrogate care and communication... more...

Kyiv, Kyiv City , Ukraine

Delta Fertility Clinic
Verified Clinic

Nowadays no one is surprised when a clinic offers PGT-A, individual stimulation protocols or using donor biomaterial: you can receive these types of treatment in each top-level fertility center in Russia or Ukraine.  Making such a big step like... more...

Sankt-Peterburg, Russia


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