I was wondering about Gestational Surrogacy and all my questions are answered. Thank you.

I was wondering about Gestational Surrogacy for single father in Argentina. I was interested in IVF with egg donation plus Gestational Carrier: (1) is it possible to do gestational surrogacy in Argentina; (2) what docs should I bring; (3) are there any legal issues; (4) are there any help with legislation; (5) how much time should I stay in Argentina for the first time; (6) should I come to Argentina like every two months to meet with my surrogate mother; (7) should I pay at once or it is possible to do money—transfer several times; (8) can I get in touch with my surrogate mother or should I get in touch only with the Team? I am excited to have the answers to all my questions. Thank you!

Submitted by Moses on Monday, Jul 08, 2019

Reply From Fertility Argentina

1) Yes 2) No specific docs. You and the gestational carrier will sign consent forms here. 3) No legal issues to do the IVF here. The birth should occur in a country were there is legal support. We don't recommend a birth (with a gestational carrier) in Argentina as there is no good legal support yet. 4) Look at answer 3. 5) 1 day the deliver the sperm sample and one day for the embryo transfer (on a second trip). You could also do t all in only one trip of 10 days. 6) As I said, the surrogate will not be living in Argentina. You can get it by yourself or we can help you to find an agency in other countries. 7) IVF is paid at once when before we do it. 8) You should ask the agency about it Regards, Dr. Demián Glujovsky

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Want to say THANK YOU!

I was interested in IVF with donated oocytes (only mixed race donor) somewhere in Latin countries (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Peru). So, I submitted my Getting in touch form in the the mid—June. Have received the most inclusive answers to all my questions from here. Want to say THANK YOU!

Submitted by Aisha on Tuesday, Jul 09, 2019

100% satisfied American father

An interesting option: IVF in Argentina. Cost savings will pay for travel. And I found an incredibly responsive, communicative, caring IVF expert who speaks English absolutely fluently: Dr. Demian Glujovsky. He is with the CEGYR clinic in Buenos Aires. CEGYR did a more complete sperm analysis (including fragmentation studies) than I had even been offered in the USA. They have an internationally certified (ISO) embryo lab, equipped with Illumina next generation sequencing capacity for pre-implantation genetic testing. CEGYR is cost competitive, but I recommend Dr. Glujovsky and his clinic first and foremost for quality and service related reasons. My background: I co-founded a molecular diagnostics company (not working in the IVF area). I have no commercial ties to CEGYR or Dr. Glujovsky. I am just a very satisfied and happy new father.

Submitted by Jim on Friday, Mar 31, 2017