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Posted By ISIDA-IVF on 11/07/2018

Fertility specialists Irina Kapshuk, Miroslava Vatsik, Natalia Alipova and Natalia Redko completed training at EXCEMED WORKSHOP

Fertility specialists Irina Kapshuk, Miroslava Vatsik, Natalia Alipova and Natalia Redko completed training at EXCEMED WORKSHOP

On September 21, 2018, the largest conference within fertility specialists was held in Kyiv - EXCEMED WORKSHOP «Improving success in ART: how to define it and key strategies to get the best outcomes». This event was dedicated to the questions of improving the success of ART programs, in particular, identifying ways and opportunities to get better results, and the conference lecturers were well-known scientists and fertility practitioners from all around the world.

Representatives of ISIDA clinic also took part in the work of this event: Miroslava Vatsik, fertility specialist, obstetrician/gynecologist; Irina Kapshuk, fertility specialist, obstetrician/gynecologist; Natalia Redko, fertility specialist, obstetrician/gynecologist, endocrinologist; Natalia Alipova, fertility specialist, obstetrician/gynecologist.

“During the conference we discussed the indicators that must become general guidance in the work of reproductive clinic (live birth rate, time to pregnancy, multiple birth), as well as ways to improve these indicators, - Natalia Redko comments on her participation in the conference. - One of the possible ways is to obtain the optimal number of eggs to get an euploid embryo. The conference guests also discussed ways of optimization. This is a personalized protocol of a controlled ovarian stimulation, an individual selection of a drug for controlled ovarian stimulation, the choice of which depends upon assessment of a woman’s potential response to it based on the number of antral follicles and Anti-Mullerian Hormone». 


Also, event presenters developed the POSEIDON criteria, which helps individually select the stimulation protocol. In addition, the questions of single embryo transfer and preimplantation genetic diagnosis of embryos by NGS method were actively discussed. The conference participants came to the unanimous conclusion that thanks to the transfer of examined embryos, the level of live birth significantly increases, and the eSET method serves as a valid prevention of multiple pregnancy and its severe complications.

«Particularly interesting was specific report on the strategy for improving the manufacturability of biolaboratory, thereby improving the quality of embryo cultivation. Nowadays, the whole world perform embryo transfer at the blastocyst stage, and this is possible thanks to the development of modern embryology. Also for freezing and preservation of embryos, we use vitrification method. This made possible to apply the «Freez all» strategy more widely within patients with PCOS in order to prevent possible ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome», - Irina Kapshuk shares her thoughts on the event.

Participation in such seminars, face-to-face communication with the best fertility specialists in the world allows participants to improve their knowledge, learn from the experience of foreign colleagues and share their own practical achievements and ideas. The EXCEMED WORKSHOP gave our specialists an opportunity to discuss the topics of their concern with the scientists, to determine their opinion on the topics that were the subject of controversy and innovative discoveries of the best fertility scientists in the world. We hope that the knowledge and experience gained during this event will help them in reaching new professional heights and giving desired happiness to even more childless couples.

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