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We are unable to work with women who currently pregnant, but we will happy to work with you in future. Once your baby will be successfully delivered and you fullfill your breastfeeding obligations, meanhile we will help you explore more about surrogacy!
We are currently can't work with women who experienced still births as per IVF clinics guidelines
A medical reason could include a chromosomal abnormality or a condition that would impact the child's quality of life.
We are unable to work with women who receive certain forms of government assistance due to requirement of IVF clinics working with us
We fully acknowledge that personal income varies from country to country, so we will make sure to take this factor in consideration when communicating with IVF clinics. A surrogate's financial stability is an important aspect to her journey. We want to make sure that she is able to support her family and care for all her needs. Our hope is to better understand your personal situation as you complete a full screening process.
We acknowledge there are many categories to which being convicted of crime falls under. Our hope is to better understand your circumstances as we begin journey with you. It will not disqualify immediately as we look into any of ours's patient case with very flexible approach.
There are many laws surrounding a surrogacy which we are committed to following for both surrogate and intended parents. In some situations if a surrogate is engaged in current legal matters such as those mentioned above, our ability to provide a smooth journey from a legal perspective could be compromised. By learning about your current legal obligations, we will be better equipped to set your journey up to success.