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Posted on 07/28/2022 in Fertility Treatment Options

5 reasons to make an egg donation

5 reasons to make an egg donation

5 Why’s to Make an Egg Donation

Helping Singles and Couples

Egg Donation can be done anonymously, voluntarily, and altruistically. Or it can be done openly, and altruistically. It can be also done anonymously or non–anonymously for getting financial compensation. But in most cases, undergoing Egg Donation you are committed to helping those who are struggling with infertility but failing every time they try as their gametes are no longer produced by the ovaries or their ovaries do not work anymore or they do not have ovaries at all or all oocytes their ovaries produce cannot be used because of their quality. And even if Blueprint Genetics identified the reason why they cannot produce own oocytes, it is impossible to change it. 



Without You Being a Mom is Simply Impossible 

The unedited truth about Infertility is that in some cases having any treatment using own oocytes is impossible. And the only way to have a baby is doing Ivf with the Donor’s Eggs. So, Without You and Your Egg Donation, these women could not become moms at all as they are just unable to produce or use their eggs, or even worse, each time, after hearing the first heartbeat they have a new miscarriage. Every time they try, they fail. And even the most sophisticated algorithms of Genetics, the new protocols, unique case management, and the most expensive medication cannot make the Miracle for them. And Only You Can Make It. This Miracle is Donation. 



Making a Blueprint in Someone’s Infertility Story

Making a Blueprint in a perfect stranger’s infertility story is Awesome. Just imagine that right now someone is saying a Blurring Hello to the newest baby. Someone is being cheered on the embryo transfer. Someone is hearing 2 heartbeats for the first time. Someone is celebrating a positive pregnancy test. Someone is creating a test tube baby using your eggs mixed with sperm in a petri dish. And all this happens because of you. You are the one who made so many positive changes in lives. This world was not perfect, not even close for infertile singles and couples. But now it is perfect. A Wonder. It is in the air. 



Making the Most Precious Gift to Someone Ever 

Holding that small, warm Bundle for the first time and staring into these gorgeous eyes will change someone’s life forever. And holding this Bundle right now was impossible without you. If you hadn’t donated your eggs, they would never have so beautiful and perfect newborn — 10 perfect little fingers, 10 perfect little toes, big beautiful brown eyes... This Bundle was even born with some hair on her head! Brown curls, just like mommy. 



An Alternative to Egg Vitrification & Destruction of Your Vitrified Oocytes

If you produced more oocytes during the Ivf cycle and don’t want to vitrify them, or would like to vitrify some of them for the future cycle, you can donate your extra oocytes to the other Infertile Single or Couple looking for Egg Donation. 


You may also have some successful Ivf’s or Surrogacy cycles and being a mom of an amazing singleton, twins, triplets, or even quads and having extra oocytes vitrified & stored but feel that no new Ivf or Surrogacy will be there. And Donation is an amusing alternative to destroying your eggs or keeping them frozen for the next few decades. 



Whatever your reason to donate your eggs is, it is a commitment to make someone’s dream come true. It is making someone’s family complete. And it is making someone’s life different.

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