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Gender selection cost, laws and procedure

Gender selection cost, laws and procedure

Gender selection is an ultra-powerful technique used in IVF cycles with extreme accuracy and performance that makes it possible to “VISUALIZE” the embryo gender. Gender selection with top accuracy rates (up to 99%) is possible only in IVF cycles when the embryos are “generated” in the laboratory through “configuration” of oocytes’ and sperm with ICSI or IMSI fertilization technique. Everything is taken to Extreme mode. Extreme performance. Extreme visualization. Extreme accuracy.

For many Fertility Pros, a high–performance molecular–graphics’ architecture is critical to their workflows as only ideal visualization of the embryonic content can make it possible to investigate the embryonic profiles and to exclude the embryos with abnormal “configuration” or undesired “configuration”.

Especially, for tasks like selecting the embryos without genetic diseases, choosing the ones of desired gender, excluding those that have abnormal content & are nonviable as transferring them will cause the miscarriage, and choosing the embryos labelled “ideal” or “boutique–quality” according to vitality’s statistics, morphology statistics, chromosomal profile and DNA–content, plus to note down the data about every screened embryo to its individual profile.

Technology DevOps and IT–DevOps’ are constantly modernizing and developing the best IVF workstations to give Fertility–“DevOps” the highest–mode possible performance and take micrographics’ capabilities to a new level, something groundbreaking was required to push the limits of what is possible to visualize. Introducing the IVF with gender selection Pro packages. The POWER of IVF taken further than you have ever imagined.

Gender selection laws

Gender selection technique is an IDEAL SUPER “TOOL” for a family–balancing. If you have three little bundles’–dudes and would like to have a tiny lady–bundle, gender selection makes that possible. And vice versa, having two daughters and desiring to have a newborn dude–bundle, gender selection will turn your dream into a real thing.

There is one thing you should know about gender selection technique — it is banned in many countries. Every country has its own legal framework for ART. ART (assisted reproduction) law in Australia, Austria, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, India, Latvia, Malta, Morocco, Portugal, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, the United Kingdom prohibits gender selection.

The other countries — Argentina, Cambodia, Cyprus, Egypt, Georgia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, and the United States legally permit the Gender Selection technique to be performed if the Patient/the couple would like to have the baby of the desired gender (a baby boy or a baby girl).

There are also the countries, where the legal framework establishes the medical criteria for gender selection technique. In countries like Greece, Singapore, and Thailand, it is possible to perform the gender selection is there is a serious sex–linked genetic disorder that can be transmitted to the baby with the gender (X–linked disorders: hemophilia A & B, Duchenne–Becker muscular dystrophy (neuromuscular disorders), Hunter syndrome, and Lesch–Nyhan syndrome).

Gender selection screening tool not only detects and identifies X–linked diseases, but it also makes it possible to prevent transferring the embryo that is the carrier of these sex–linked diseases. 

Gender selection costs

Compare and Choose — just in one click:

  • Gender selection costs vary from 2000 USD in Egypt to 20750 USD in the USA.
  • Fertility clinics in Argentina have IVF with gender selection packages basic fee 6500 USD and up to 12000 USD.
  • In Cambodia IVF with gender selection technique will cost you 13200 USD — 14800 USD.
  • In Cyprus you will pay 3700 EUR — 6820 EUR for IVF gender selection technique and accommodation in the hotel.
  • Georgia offers IVF with gender selection packages with the basic cost of 5500 USD and up to 10000 USD.
  • Lebanon has a competitive price policy for IVF with gender selection technique just for 4500 USD — 5000 USD.
  • Malaysian Fertility Clinics’ ultralow–costed IVF with gender selection package’s fee is 7000 USD. The maximum cost for IVF with gender selection here is 14000 USD.
  • In Mexico, you will pay for IVF with gender selection 5800 USD — 16000 USD. The gender selection technique’s fee in Mexico is 1200 USD for MicroSort gender selection technique (this technique cannot guarantee that you will have the baby of the desired gender), and 5000 USD — 7000 USD for PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis screening with gender selection option, that has boosted up to 99% accuracy). Synchronized with the basic IVF bundles’ an approximate cost for IVF with gender selection in Mexico will be 5800 USD — 16000 USD.
  • Ukraine is also one of the top IVF with gender selection technique’s destination. The IVF with gender selection packages cost varies between 6350 EUR — 13000 EUR here.
  • United Arab Emirates’ IVF with gender selection bundles’ fees are 37000 AED—56000 AED.
  • In the United States, IVF with gender selection packages’ costs starts from 15500 USD — 20750 USD.

What is in a “Name” of the gender selection technique? 

While designed on the same “foundation” of IVF cycle (as gender selection with 99% guarantee of accuracy is possible to synchronize only with IVF cycle), gender selection has become a truly cutting–edge experience. With powerful “micro–apps” designed for a gender selection technique. Multitasking is made simple with colorful “probes”.

An amazing contrast ratio and super–powerful visualization. Over 10 sparkling colors are “injected” and “tagged” to the chromosomes, making them represented with exceptional accuracy.

Advanced gender authentication’s “ID”. Powerful accuracy. Every colorful probe is the “login” to the appropriate chromosomal “apps,” and high–level visualization makes it possible to distinguish male and female embryos with a glance. It is the most secure gender authentication ever in ART. Limits are pushed down. And now it is faster than ever.

And the ability to “touch” — to drag and drop sex–chromosomes with a virtual “fingertip”. It has always been Magical. And now it is real and called gender selection technique.

Choosing is visualizing. 

Choosing a baby’s gender has always been magical. And now it is called Inverted Flexible Microscopes for FISH–technique performance or Inverted Flexible Platforms for IVF. Visualization of the embryo gender is possible thanks to PRO Flexible Inverted [Fluorescence] Microscopes with open & flexible platforms. Pro Displays is an ideal solution for the routine and the most adverse issues.

How do they identify the baby’s gender?

Extreme accuracy in embryo gender–identifying and embryo gender–validation is possible only through PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) with FISH or fluorescent in–situ hybridization technique. The FISH technique for gender selection involves the usage of two specific DNA–“probes” or markers. One DNA–“probe” will identify the X–chromosome. The other DNA–“probe” will identify the Y–chromosome. These DNA–“probes” are injected in every embryo screened for its gender. These DNA–markers “label” the sex chromosomes by making them multi–colored and sparkling. The contrast in color–“palette” used for gender identification makes it possible to visualize sex–chromosomes in “studio–quality mode.” And the lab technician identifies male and female embryos at a GLANCE.

XX sex chromosomes — for ladies’–bundles, XY sex chromosomes — for dudes’–bundles.

What is really extraordinary, is that the healthy oocytes have always only one sex chromosome — X. The healthy sperm cells carry “X” or “Y” sex chromosome. If the sperm cell with X chromosome fertilized the oocyte — the XX embryo appears. If the spermatozoon with Y chromosome fertilized the — the XY embryo appears.

If there are two XX chromosomes, the embryo is a girl. If there are XY chromosomes, the embryo is a boy.

Gender selection requires the cutting–edge technologies’ implementation.

With powerful micro–apps designed for a large multi-touch & multi–visualizing display. Multi–modal imaging is ideally synchronized with an app for gentle and slow–motion imaging.

Pro Multitasking is made so simple with intuitive gestures. And the ability to drag and drop images with a fingertip, the ability to turn fast–motion mode and slow–motion mode, the ability to control speed and fluidity of everything you do plus control of visualization are ideal for generating high–resolution images and to “touch” the augmented reality with a glance. 3D resolution imaging. Extreme performance. Amazing experience. Ideal high–resolution quality. Accuracy of embryonic abnormalities’ authentication. 

Cutting–edge dual–camera system where an innovative sensor works with the neural engine to help the expert create high–resolution images like never ever before. An advanced dual–camera system of the Inverted Microscope integrates the neural engine & advanced algorithms to push the limits & unlock the new possibilities for extensive investigation and for capturing ideal images to choose the top embryos from the embryonic cohort.

Gender selection technique requires an advanced Fluorescence imaging.

Pushing the imaging limits with the activation of the virtual filters’ app. 

The rise of fluorescent “probes” or, correctly termed “proteins”, and other fluorescent markers for specific “labeling” of cellular content “configuration”, chromosomal “configuration”, DNA–structures’ configuration, sex–chromosomes’ configuration has drafted the new standards for IVF.

No matter what should be detected, identified and “labeled” for further visualization, the specific colorful “probes” or markers should be injected in the content. Earlier, visualization of the content and its’ “configuration” required much dye to be injected by the lab technician for a studio–quality unbiased imaging.

Too much “due” meant that the whole content was “colored.” And vice versa: the less “dye” had been injected into the content, the worse visualization was achieved. To solve this problem, the POWERFUL, ALL–NEW cameras and cutting–edge Apps were developed and installed into the microscopes.

The limits were pushed and the Visualization was taken to the new extreme level.

Streaming visualization means the real-time frame visualizing of the embryonic content. It sets its own criteria for visualization. Visualization should be done in super–fast mode, and it should be not only imaging but also video content recording and storing.

Everything that needs to be visual is “tuned–up” by the technology. The new apps make it possible to “glance inside” in different modes: super–fast, medium, and super–slow.

PLUS, unique multicolor options (labeling the different structures and configuration in different colors) with virtual filters makes it possible to detect the tiniest details.

Smart high dynamic range imaging (HDR) implementation makes everyone to rethink about every technique performed in IVF. Leveraging multiple technologies, smart HDR’s synchronization with colorful DNA–“probes” brings more light details and more shadow details to the embryonic chromosomal content or embryonic profile images.

Pixels, modes, apps, and speed — everything for “generating” ideal sex–chromosomes’ “mapping.”

Any micromanipulation, microinjection, or sophisticated laser-assisted microdissection is done in a brilliant way. Larger and deeper pixels are POWERED by the ideal microscope’s camera. A new sensor creates brilliant image fidelity, ideal color accuracy (that is vital for FISH technique and for chromosomal content screening), and no noise in low–light shots. Adjustable depth of field is possible with speed and sensitivity applications’ management.

The lab technician can take a great image (large–sized photo) and make it even more amazing with one magic App that is called a “depth control”, which lets him/her adjust the depth of field to blur the embryonic chromosomal content, the embryonic content, the embryonic content’s “background”, etc. as much or as little as he/she wants or requires.

Enhanced “portrait”–mode embryonic images. Enhanced “portrait”–mode embryonic chromosomal content images. Enhanced “portrait”–mode images of the content’s screening. Everything is possible with the brand–new microscopes’ cameras. Getting the image of the studio–quality has never been easier. Turn on the required speed’s mode and sensitivity need for the applications has never been managed just in one “touch.”

When the embryos are screened for sex–chromosomes’ content, it is essential to make these chromosomes visible, thus, possible for identification and validation. The true–depth microscope’s camera generates a precise depth “map” to keep sex–chromosomes in focus against a blurred chromosomal content’s “background”. Depth control app lets the lab technician adjust the depth of field after visualization is completed.

More low–light “details”. More low–light contrast. If they perform inclusive chromosomal screening (screening whole chromosomal content with sex–chromosomes), the microscope camera’s option that allows visualizing more low–light chromosomal “configurations” is an ideal validation tool as its’ sensor features deeper and larger pixels. Deeper to improve the image’s fidelity. And larger to allow more light to hit the sensitive camera’s sensor. This dual–authentication “system” turns everything (chromosomal content, chromosomal “configuration”, chromosomal “configuration” issues, sex–chromosomes’ contrast indication) into an ideal identification and validation at a glance.

The power of visualization in IVF. Taken further. Taken deeper. Taken in an ideal way. 

Sharper action shots’ apps. Faster sensors installed in the microscope’s camera and smart HDR launched are “blended” to let the lab technician “stop” a moment in time with more highlight, color, and shadow detail.

This visualization in the real timeline is worth a billion synchronized operations. The IVF and FISH micromanipulation workstation dual sensors–camera system harnesses the unprecedented POWER of the Neural Engine, and its ability to perform one billion operations per second.

Together with the FISH–designed sensors, virtual filters, and managing apps, it turns the scans, and video content into “show–stoppers,” as it is possible for the lab technician to stop the video streaming and to visualize every small detail.

Here is just a fraction of what the Inverted microscope for IVF and micromanipulations’ camera system considers even before the embryonic content is being shot.

Content detection. In super–large and super–fast mode, the Neural Engine uses machine learning to analyze data from the camera sensor, quickly distinguishing and visualizing the investigated embryonic content in the frame.

Embryonic content visualization. Once an embryo is detected, the detailed visualization’s mode is turned on allowing the IVF workstation to apply top accuracy in micromanipulation with the embryonic content (microinjecting the sex–chromosomes’ markers) and visualizing the smallest details.

Depth chromosomal content “mapping”. An installed advanced depth engine, synchronized with segmentation data from the Neural Engine, accurately separates the investigated content from the whole content. That makes possible to investigate every chromosome and every chromosomal “configuration” with top accuracy of the diagnosis and top accuracy of the drafting “personalized” Portfolio for every embryo.

More control over every image. Super large mode captures depth “information” that lets the lab technician identify and validate everything he/she needs.

GENDER SELECTION and ethical debates

Gender selection technique is prohibited in many countries. But most of the countries where the law prohibits implementation of this technique in IVF cycles, it can be performed if there is a severe sex-linked genetic disorder that can be transmitted with the gender. In these cases, the medical criteria blended with legal framework makes it possible.

Despite there are many ethical debates around the gender selection, it should have its own “launched space” in every IVF cycle as it not only makes it possible not to transfer the embryo with transmitted X–linked chromosomes but also makes it possible for the Patient or couple to complete the family with lady–bundle or dude–bundle.

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