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Say a Blurring Hello to 2021

Say a Blurring Hello to 2021

Festive Season is coming closer and closer in each heartbeat and breath. What will it look like? What will it bring? Feel the last minutes of the disappearing 2020. And say the Blurring ‘Hello’ to 2021. But before whispering ‘Hello’21’, utter several words to leaving’20. 


Was it a Brilliant and Sparkling year? Nope and Yup. It was the Unique, Surprising, and Unpredictable timeframe. It was a year filled with extreme contrasts. It envisaged, disrupted, destroyed, envisaged, preconfigured, created, developed, reconfigured, transformed, modulated, digitized, and had done so much more. Yup, it disrupted the classic models of business, communication, education, events, relations, workflow, visiting the places you love, traveling, shopping, and much more. Yup, it converted classics into the digital dimension. Yup, it interfered with the myriad of personal Roadmaps’ envisaging the limits for achieving the goals, interrupting the proceeding to the new level, designing the boundaries for the classic things. 


But it opened so extensive line of opportunities beyond your imagination. The digital dimension decoded the new ways of being closer to each other, learning something new from your home, doing the routine business tasks from the ‘office’ at your home. The business, communicational, and educational limits were pushed away. 2020 was the year of transformation. And we hope that 2021 will be Much More. The last thing to do before 2020 comes away forever is to prepare the Draft of your personal Roadmap for 2021. 


Before 2020 will be just a part of your story, concentrate on what you would like to achieve in 2021. Setting the New Goals before the New Year is essential for everyone who loves managing not only the time but also the events most likely happening in life. The inspiration enables our mind to sparkle with a strong intention. The intention converted in action enables us to get closer to the desired goal or multiple goals. 


The Roadmap’21 to your Dream is a real thing if you transform each milestone into a beautiful experience full of special and sparkling moments. Believed or nope, it is possible to get from where you are now to where you want to be in one year. 


Your next Personal Roadmap is not a standard Roadmap. It’s a magical piece of goals. It’s so clear & detailed most Roadmaps can’t catch up. It has Pro Core Goals that can transform your reality. It has the Flexible Mode enabling the seamless adaptation of the vast variety of sources to your goals and making them a brilliant tool for achieving what you want. It has the Extra Goals beautifully packed in one bundle for pushing away the limits of what is possible. It’s the new Personalized Roadmap Pro. It does more than a standard roadmap in simpler, smoother, and more magical ways. And now with more features and capabilities, it is more versatile than ever. It features advanced, personaldesigned goals that transform how experience the reality. It also makes you powerful enough to handle the things you do every day, navigating you through the workflow, and leading you to your goals. 


Essentials you will need: 

For high–tech. lovers — any of your favorite device that is your notepad with installed apps that enable you taking notes, creating a sketch, sketching out an idea, tuning up (highlight, add, drag, drop, crop, rotate, delete, transform), adding the notes to the core content, marking up the essentials, transforming your Roadmap with augmented reality experiences, redesigning and editing the content you have already generated and saving the latest version, and much more.


For the others — a calendar, a New Planner’21 (the paper notepad), a pen, several colorful pens (neon gel pens, glittering gel pens).


Sometimes it is hard to ‘detect’ your personal goals among the myriad global ones or to adjust the balance between the core, flexible, and extra goals. Or it may be challenging to adapt the perspective goals to your personal experience. 


Before Generating the Roadmap, You Need to Shape the Goals. 


● (1) The Goals’ Generation Event.

The Inspiration Sources’ Transformation into the Goals.

The Goals’ Preconfiguration & Specification. 


Sparkling Inspiration. Seamless Transformation. Small Desire. Giant Leap. Beautiful Experience. 

Do you have a Major Goal in your life? If nope, no worries here. You will learn how to create minor but powerfully purposeful goals, and all of them will outline something special for you. This Special thing will be your major goal. Unique. Smart. Beautifully powerful. Incredibly versatile. Featuring intensive and fluid performance. 


The Inspiration is here. Paired with the power of your imagination, it will preconfigure your core goals. Think you don’t know what exactly you want? Think deeper. Just envisage in your mind the most Inspiring Achievements, Awards, Conversations, Events, Meetings, Influencers, and Things. Let your curiosity run wild with everything that makes you sparkle with inspiration. Maybe you would love to be a participant in the educational session or course as you want to extend your capacities and knowledge. Or you would love to make your skills perfect and need to reshape the classic ‘architecture’ of your ‘core’ Roadmap designed several years ago. Might be you would love to learn something new and unusual. Everything that pushes your imagination to the next level is your personal inspiration. You have the power to bring your ideas to life. 


‘Inspiration Sources are different for each dimension of your life, but they are compliable enough to make the best version of you when blended.’ — OVU Surrogacy & Fertility Network Team Inspirational Quote.


10 Personal Inspo Sources:

Influencers (Artists, Beauty Experts, Designers, Fashion Stylists, Internationally Renowned Speakers, Managers, Performers, Teachers, Writers, and the other Experts you love) — each person has an extensive charisma, a unique style in everything (starting from the beauty rituals, early morning post–waking up meditation, tea ceremony, and reviewing the day’s agenda in the personal planners (including the digital time management tools & planners), and ending with the way the person communicates, performs, completes the routine & creative tasks, analyses the words, conversations, actions, events and their consequences), exclusive behavioral/speaking/psychological patterns, outstanding skills, powerful capacities to transform the ideas in the reality, and much more is one of the brilliant sources for Inspo. 


●Some Influencers are sharing with their subscribers their Roadmaps with the goals. You can adapt several goals from the Influencers’ Personal Roadmaps or transform them and preconfigure your personal ones.


Inspirational Quotes — read or listen to inspiring quotes and don’t seek the answers. You will get clearer and ‘sharper’ thoughts converted into ideas. See more detail in shadows and highlights.


Conversations that completely transformed the way you feel — those that made you feel powerful and wonderful with the respected person you trust. Say ‘Hello’ to a positive communication experience that focuses on you and what is essential for you instead of what’s going on around you, making you sparkle with inspiration. 


Events that made you blast with inspiration, taken all your emotions to the next level, and converted your performance into amazing. When an event forces you to glow with inspo, dreams, motivation and still does a whole lot more: that’s magic.


Achievements — they give you a brighter idea of where you want to be and what exactly you want. Each achievement pushes away the limits of what is possible and elevates your capacities to the next level. The contrast your eyes see between yourself before the great achievement and after you achieved what you want is very challenging to ‘reproduce’ in several words, as it something that makes you more inspired, more self–confident, more powerful, more motivated to continue following your Dreams. Each achievement pushes the Dynamic range of your feelings to the extreme level. It inspires, motivates, engages, evokes, thrills, amuses, and does so much more. It makes you feel precise control over your Roadmap. And it makes you Feel Special. 


Awards — each award brings you closer to the major goal and shapes a brighter idea of where you would like to be in one year. Bundle up and identify the awards essential for you. Any award can be not just real but stunningly real. And can be not only in your imagination. The awards are created for adding an unparalleled performance, thrilling emotions, and beautiful experience to the special event involving all the participants to get engaged in work. The award is the special elegant ‘tool’ designed for the celebration of the creative artistry, powerful performance, inspiring speech, or brilliant technical achievement of developers who reflect the best in any field (art, design, performance, innovation, technology, and much more). Each award is a powerful experience that makes you move ahead with more inspiration, motivation, and confidence in your skills. 


Music — ultra–powerful source enabling the inspiration to stream through your heart and being shaped in your goals. Stream over a billion songs and melodies or envisage your personalized streaming limit to the ones you love the most and discover something new. Download your favorite tracks. Get exclusive playlists. Sing along, tap ahead, or just listen with lyrics view — do anything that inspires you the most. 


Dreams envisioned in your mind — all beautiful dreams you have can be transformed into your goals. Show your truest dreams. They force you to stay motivated all the time. 


New hobby (or, woohoo, 2+ new hobbies) — anything that brings you positive emotions, drives you through the hard moments, enables you to see the situations from a different angle, gives you the power to maintain extreme performance, or just makes you feel. 


Bundle up to convert your Inspiration, Dreams, and Ideas into one seamless experience.


Something to say in conclusion? 

Wow, the New 364 days are bustling to come in your life in several hours! Say a Blurring ‘Hello’ to 2021 (’21)! Let every day introduce itself and the myriad of non–visible capacities encoded in its ‘cores.’ Follow your Dreams. Navigate yourself through your way. Be your own ‘DevOps’ for your Roadmap’21. — No one knows your heart better than you. Encode Your Major Desires and Transform Them into Your Goals.

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