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Surrogacy with FET cost in Ukraine, Mother and Child Medical Center

Surrogacy with FET cost in Ukraine, Mother and Child Medical Center

Meet Surrogacy Bundle Mini. It delivers incredible performance, amazing reconfigurability of the core and extra configurations, and powerful efficiency. And it was designed from the very start to work with the most advanced IVF cycle, called FET (frozen embryo transfer). The Power of FET cycle encoded in one Mini Bundle which is remarkably complex — packing the largest number of configurations the Fertility Pros have ever put into a single FET protocol. The vitrification–devitrification & ET protocol is preconfigured specifically for powering up surrogacy cycles with FET. The flexible devitrification and ET treatment protocol takes Surrogacy Bundle Mini to the next level. Incredible performance, speedy reconfigurability of the range of core and extra elements, superfast integrability, and a powerful transformability of the cycle’s ‘architecture’ bring the unprecedented capability to the most versatile and optimized surrogacy with devitrified embryo transfer packs Pro. Magic Surrogacy Bundle. Just your type. Explore which pack is right for you. Starting at 40,225.00 USD per cycle.


(1) ‘Where can I preorder or book the surrogacy pack?’

Located in Kyiv, Ukraine, ‘Mother and Child’ Medical Center has been successfully providing multiple options for IVF and Surrogacy treatment for 20+ years. ‘Mother and Child’ Medical Center specializes in performing Gynecology & Mammalogy, Urology & Andrology, Pregnancy Planning, Procedures & Manipulations, Laboratory Tests & Genetic Analysis, Infertility Treatment, Surgical Treatment, TESE & TESA, IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) cycles, IVF & ICSI cycles, Oocyte & Sperm Donation, Cryopreservation & Embryo Vitrification, Surrogacy, Stem Cells & Save, Legal Support & 24h Assistance. Explore all ‘core’ in–bundle and out–bundle configurations designed for IVF programs. 


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(2) The available packs and their costs.

Surrogacy with frozen embryo transfer Bundles available for purchasing. 

Frozen embryo transfer using the vitrified embryo(s) left after the previous IVF or surrogacy cycles. 

●Pack #1: ‘Single–cycled FET with 1 devitrification cycle (the vitrified embryo or embryonic cohort will be devitrified and prep. for the transfer), medication, 1 endometrial lining prep. cycle powered up for the surrogate mom, and 1 ET’ bundle’s cost starts at 40,225.00 USD per cycle. 


‘What is in the Bundle?’

●1 surrogacy cycle with FET (frozen embryo transfer).

●1 endometrial lining prep. cycle designed and powered up for the surrogate mom (recipient).

●1 devitrification cycle designed and powered up for thawing the embryo(s) or embryonic cohort.

●1 embryo transfer using the devitrified embryo(s).



The other specifications of the Bundle: 

●Virtual conversation with ‘Mother and Child’ Medical Center International IVF & Surrogacy Case Manager.

●Inclusive management of the surrogacy program by the International IVF & Surrogacy Case Manager including coordination, translation, and interpretation.

●Access to the surrogate moms’ database and profiles with transparent and inclusive info necessary for selecting the candidate. 

●Surrogate mother selection, matching with intended parents, comprehensive screening: pre–surrogacy diagnostic screens (including hysteroscopy), and lab. tests. Post–screening appointment with the Fertility Pro for designing and powering up the endometrial lining prep. protocol, selection of the medication for endometrial prep. cycle, and scheduling the endometrial lining prep. progress screening (appointments, ultrasound scans, lab. tests, the other diagnostic screening if necessary). 

●Personalized surrogacy with FET protocol’s preconfiguration, reconfiguration, development, and empowerment. 

●1 endometrial lining prep. cycle with its inclusive clinical management and monitoring. 

●Legal support (Service Contract drafting and execution, ART Contract drafting and execution, verification of the Medical Certificates issued by the foreign medical institutions, Notarial and Authentication Services, legal translation and interpreting services, Apostille Services and Legalization in compliance with the provisions of the Hague Convention of October 5th, 1961, Ad hoc legal consultations and legal support in case of required interaction with judicial institutions and/or official agencies).

●24–hour assistance (all types of travel reservations, transfer services, accommodation services, recreational and cultural services, communication services, translation and interpreting services, legal auxiliary services, Notary services). 

●Initial IVF consultation with ‘Mother and Child’ Medical Center Fertility Specialist (consultation, medical history review, initial diagnostic screening, ultrasound scan, the IVF protocol preconfiguration).

●Pre–cycle diagnostic screens and lab. tests. 

●Legal Service Pack: ‘Legal Surrogacy Contract preparation’ (the Contract terms and conditions preconfiguration, providing legal clarification of the contract content, its essential conditions, rights and obligations, liability of both sides, etc.). 

●1 devitrification cycle designed and powered up for thawing the embryo(s) or embryonic cohort.

●1 embryo transfer using the devitrified embryo(s).

●Pregnancy care program ‘Maximum’ preconfigured and empowered for the surrogate mother.

●Medication for the surrogate mom (including injections, pills, IVs, etc.) plus the vitamins, minerals, food supplements.

●Clinical management and monitoring of the surrogate mom’s pregnancy (antenatal appointments, diagnostics, diagnostic tests ultrasound scans, blood tests, tests to detect abnormalities, lab. tests, other screens if necessary).

●Surrogate mom’s accommodation will be covered by the basic fee starting from the 12th week (after HCG pregnancy confirmation). 

●Surrogate mom’s monthly payment and monthly expenses will be done on a monthly basis.

●Delivery at the maternity hospital (pre–delivery care, natural delivery, post–delivery care).

●Surrogate mom’s compensation for surrogacy services (payment to the surrogate mom after the birth of the baby).

●Legal support/preparation of the Documents/prep. of the Notary Documents/prep. of the documents necessary for getting the Birth Certificate (2 weeks before the approximate baby’s due date).

●Receiving the baby’s Birth Certificate (the intended parents’ names will be referenced on the birth certificate). 

●Exit process.


Something to say in conclusion?

Introducing Surrogacy Bundle Mini with embryo devitrification–transfer protocol. With a giant leap in performance per each stage, every Surrogacy Bundle with embryo devitrification and transfer protocol is transformed into a completely different class of surrogacy cycle. This isn’t an upgrade. It’s a breakthrough as they can use the already generated embryo(s) left from the previous IVF or surrogacy program(s) and stored in the cryobank in Ukraine or in your home country. They can do embryo shipping from nearly any country for you, bringing the vitrified embryo or embryonic cohort in Ukraine for proceeding with your surrogacy program further. 


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