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We wish you the Sparkling New Year 2020!

We wish you the Sparkling New Year 2020!

You cannot cuddle any longer. Bundle up! because you need to prepare for new things... Three, two, one... Suddenly you are involved in the Major Miracle of the coming year — the all-new timeline generation event. There is no ‘2020 is coming soon’ hushed whispers around you. Congratulations are heard everywhere. Everything sparkles shine, shimmers, glitters, and glows! Everything is turned in one bustling and a noisy blend of sparkling eyes, amusing smiles, loud voices, flirty glances, and passionate hugs. Pearl–colored necklaces, unique fragrances composed in blended heady and sweet holiday nuances with top notes of white musks, the intoxicating mix of the pine needles’ green notes and burning scented holiday candles — everything is turned in one beautiful idyll. Light and airy, scented and sparkling, an unforgettable love affair, an intensive impulse, an inspiration, a brilliance. It is a thousand details, a thousand words, thousand glances, and a thousand kisses. It is waking up with an amusing smile and going to sleep with sparkling memories.


The utmost dreams envisaged in your mind are waiting with anticipation for their special moment when they can come true. ‘Hello, 2020! Hello, New Goals! Hello, New Challenges! Hello, New Inspiration!’ Meet the All-New 2020! 


Launch all your goals for 2020: one year — 365 opportunities! List everything that has a little bit more meaning for you. Everything you would love to be in your life. Any shape. Any event. Any style you want. 

●No space for feeling anxious — select something new for you. Something inspiring. What about the new hobby?

●No space for procrastination — launch the schedule of activities and events every Friday for the following week.

●No space for 24/7 business — involve yourself in sparkling events. Something unforgettable. What about new challenges?

●No space for being extremely exhausted — book the holiday at the hotel near your city at least for 3 days every month.

●No space for cocooning for 10 hours in your blanket at the weekend — refresh your energy with spa skincare and body care. 

●No space for staying lonely at home — get involved in events and fests — book your time or your seat. Sounds cool?

●No space for the fragile fragrances, only intensive ones! — Select your invisible scented ‘touch’. What about the new scent?

●No space for bursting into tears — shape yourself! Select the classes at the Beauty Studio and learn how beautiful you are.

●No space for the negligence of your body-mind balance. Join any classes you love: yoga, fitness, ballet — 3 times a week.

●No space for feeling numb because something went wrong. Remember that every end is the new beginning!


Let this year be the most brilliant ever. Let inspiration to guide you through. Let all big dreams to come true. Let events to fill your days. Forget perfection, love the process of everything you do!

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