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What Factors to Consider When Choosing a Surrogate

What Factors to Consider When Choosing a Surrogate

The success rates involved in the use of surrogacy to create family are high; ninety percent of surrogates become pregnant after the second or third trial. When you’ve made up your mind to choose a surrogate mother to help you carry your baby, there are factors you need to consider such as which type of surrogacy you want to consider. There are two types of surrogacy: a traditional or gestational surrogacy. In a gestational surrogacy, the carrier becomes pregnant through in vitro fertilization (IVF) with the use of the eggs of the future mother or an egg donor. This implies that the surrogate baby is not genetically connected to the surrogate carrier. In a traditional surrogate, the surrogate’s egg is fertilized with sperm from the future father or sperm donor through IVF or artificial insemination. Thus, the surrogate carrier and the child genetically connected. This type of surrogacy is less widespread than gestational surrogacy.

Screening a surrogate

When choosing surrogacy, prospective surrogate carriers ought to supply the following information:

•              Detailed medical and obstetric histories

•              Sincere answers about their lifestyle habits, drinking, and drug usage

•              An obvious health bill and certification that shows she can successfully carry a healthy pregnancy

•              Results from communicable disease screenings and other blood tests

The intending parents would as well be required to be tested if they are supplying the eggs or sperm for the pregnancy and the intended child. The purpose of the test is to ensure that the surrogate carrier and the child is safe.

Although choosing a surrogate agency involves a lot of overwhelming task, there are few factors that will make the process less of a stress and more of success:

1. Consider the expertise and years of experience of the surrogacy Agency experience

One of the most crucial factors to consider before choosing a surrogate is the history of the agency. Check the success rate of the agency and ensure that it is satisfactory before deciding to use the agency. Using an agency with professional staff that have personal connections to surrogacy and/or egg donation can offer a feeling of relieve because they can easily identify with every step of the journey and assist to direct you through the entire procedure.

2. Legal professional as one of the agency’s staff

In addition to having experienced experts to carry out the process, you would require legal representation to ensure that the process moves effectively. In the US, surrogacy is regulated at the state level, and what is required by a specific set of prospective parents differs broadly depending on their country of residence. You need a detailed understanding of the laws and policy that exists in these countries to make a suitable match between prospective parents and a surrogate and/or egg donor. Ensure that the surrogacy agency have qualified legal personnel to take up these legal procedures.

3. Focus of effective and constant communication

Frequently surrogate agencies with a good number of staffs have enough time to engage with each individual prospective parents, surrogates, and egg donors. Irrespective of how large or small the agency is, constant communication is very crucial factor that determine how successful the whole process would be. Ensure that the agency you choose to use is focused on constant communication between you and your surrogate and/or egg donor.

4. Flexibility of accessibility

There are a lot of factors involved in the surrogacy process. The varieties of these factors make each egg donation and surrogacy experience distinct. Ensure that the agencies you plan to use are capable and flexible enough to address all these variations in each case of egg donation and surrogacy issue whether the prospective parents are from the United States or abroad, whether the intending parents are gay parents or heterosexual.

5. The agency must place a strong emphasis on good relationship

It is highly essential that the agency you plan to use place a lot of emphasis on the maintaining a cordial relationship between the prospective parents, egg donors and surrogate carries or sperm donor. It has been discovered that the success rate is increased when there is a good cordial relationship among all the parties involved. A lot of prospective parents, surrogates, and egg donors develop long-term relationships with each other   and keep in touch with one another after the procedure.

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