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Medicina Reprodutiva – Dr. Fábio Eugênio

Fertility Clinic
Fortaleza, Ceará, 60135420

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Everything you want in assisted reproduction treatments. The most modern clinic in our state. More than 20 years of experience. First IVF baby in our region.

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Medicina Reprodutiva – Dr. Fábio Eugênio
Preferred Treatment Location
R. Henriqueta Galeno, 749
Dionísio Torres
Fortaleza, Ceará, 60135420

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English Portuguese
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Monday to Friday 8am — 6pm
Saturday 8am — 12am
Sunday — closed

About Medicina Reprodutiva – Dr. Fábio Eugênio

The medicine, indubitavelmente, has been advancing to wide steps around the centuries. The constant progresses in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of several diseases have been contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of any population, besides the increase of his longevity. One of the areas of the medicine that more has if beneficiary of the advancements of the science and technology, is exactly the Reproductive Medicine. From 1978, when in England there was born the first test-tube baby – Louise Brown – the fecundation in-vitro (FIV) and his techniques correlatas revolutionized the treatment of the subfertility of the couples. Very often, however, it seems that these advancements are distant of our local reality – It Fortifies – taking place only in great national centers (ex: Sao Paulo), or in more developed countries. This is a great mistake!! The good piece of news is that all these fantastic advancements of the reproductive medicine are already incorporated to the routine of our clinics of human reproduction in Fortress. And much time ago!! In 1999, pertinho of the turning of the century, there took place the birth of the first baby of fecundation in-vitro (FIV) here of our city. I had the privilege of making part of the group of doctors that, in our clinic – BIOS, obtained this water divisor in the reproductive medicine of Ceará. In these 16 years of evolution of the specialty, It always Fortifies if it maintained between the most important centers of the Brazilian reproductive medicine, and without anything having to the great ones I center international. Through constant updating and trainings of medical team and embriologistas, we were incorporating quickly each advancement of the specialty, always in the intention of offering to the couple in our state, and nearby states, the most current technology, and so obtaining pregnancy tax in the fecundation treatments in-vitro similar to the best world-wide centers. Already in the origins of the functioning of our clinic we incorporate the injection citoplasmática of spermatozoa (ICSI), technique that came to revolutionize the treatment in the masculine subfertility factors. Today the ICSI is routine in all the cases of FIV. Also from the beginning our clinic counted with the Laser OCTAX, being a pioneer in the Northeast, technique that makes easy the work with embryo for afinamento of the zone pelúcida (hatching) and embryonic biopsy. The techniques of criopreservação of biological material (semen, ovum and embryos) were always widely used in our clinic.

Today we can offer similar pregnancy chances with ova and embryos to fresh or frozen (vitrified). Attentive to the spectacular advancements of the genetics, we develop training of our body of embriologistas for realization of the PGD and PGS (genetic diagnosis - implantacional). Today it is possible to detect several diseases cromossômicas and genetic in the embryos before his transfer for the womb. We use the most modern technique, which is the comparative hibridização genômica (CGH) – that allows analysis of all the chromosomes of the embryo - through embryonic biopsy for laser in the 3rd day or in the phase of blastocisto. This technique of CGH, rotineiramente done in Fortress, is the same technique used in all the great clinics of reproduction assisted around the world, they are deprived or tied to university centers. The laboratory of the BIOS today disposes of 7 incubators of last generation, for embryonic cultivation inside the most rigorous quality control conditions laboratorial. This allows that we have excellent cultivation technique, forming quality embryos, which considers straightly in ours you tax of success. The embryonic transfer with catheter soft and when pelvic (transvesical) was guided for ultrassom he is the most effective model of optimizing the pregnancy chances. We already used this process since the first scientific works confirmed his efficiency and security. Of nothing it would advance all this technology without a main preoccupation with the good service to the couple. It is basic that the couple is felt welcomed and valued, while facing the journey of the subfertility and of his treatment. Therefore the whole structure of functioning of the clinic, and technical body of doctors and auxiliary specialties, is turned completely for this good service of the couple, trying to bring physical and emotional comfort in each step of the treatment. Believe: all these advancements are right here in our city. And the science not of to advance, and, so, new technologies be always be incorporated to our reproductive medicine alencarina. Today we can say with tranquillity, without fear of wandering, that the reproductive medicine in Fortress walks I gave birth passu with the great centers of the specialty in world-wide level. I have constant proof of this affirmation when I frequent the international congresses of our specialty.


Talking with colleagues of other countries, and assisting the presentations of his inquiries and clinical results, I see that we are similar, or even superiors, to them in the taxes of success (pregnancy) that we offer to our couples. Including a great deal of them they are impressed with our pregnancy statistics in the cases of FIV, and with the structure that we have in functioning. The couples must be aware of these advancements in our city, and to know that great most of the cases of subfertility have effective treatment. You will think certainly professional and clinical that they can help him. Contact a specialist and take away all his doubts. At last, do not do any hurt advancement in the medicine it will not go away exactly to help him!!

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Submitted by Maria on Tuesday, Sep 10, 2019

Was frustrated as there was no answer for two months.

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Was glancing through your profile as was wondering to learn more about in vitro fertilization treatment bundles you have and their valid prices. Was frustrated as there was no answer for two months.

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