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Donor Concierge

Fertility Clinic
San Rafael, California, 94903

Donor Concierge finds the best egg donors and surrogates, helping intended parents have the baby they always wanted.

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Donor Concierge
Preferred Treatment Location
165 North Redwood Drive, Suite 150, San Rafael, CA 94903
San Rafael, California, 94903
United States

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9-5pm PST

About Donor Concierge

Donor Concierge is the first unbiased, custom, hands-on expert in third-party fertility provides personalized service to help intended parents navigate their fertility journey. We help you find, select and match egg donors, sperm donors and gestational surrogate mothers. Here’s what Gail Sexton Anderson, the founder of the company has to say: “I started Donor Concierge in 2006 having spent ten years working within agencies. While I was working for agencies and talking to intended parents about their needs I felt they were being underserved. The historic model for intended parents to find an egg donor was based on an antiquated system where there were very few women willing to be egg donors. It is still true that not all women are willing to be egg donors there are far more open to the idea now than 20 years ago when I started in this field. Clinics and agencies often feel that they have the best resource for all but in reality, because we are dealing with human beings and we are all quite unique, no one donor program will have the right donor for every intended parent.  Which is why I founded Donor Concierge. To allow intended parents to feel some peace of mind that they had done their due diligence are making the right choice for their family.”Our expert team has a track record of outstanding results helping families focus on a selection of candidates.  Through an extensive network of the best fertility industry connections,  each search is tailored to your specific requirements. Our case managers are compassionate and knowledgeable with first first-hand experience of fertility treatment.  We work closely with more than 100 of the best clinics, agencies and fertility professionals and bring a unique insight and understanding of the third third-party fertility industry world.  We are your advocate and partner through this most poignant journey - guiding you and helping you make decisions that will enable you to welcome the child you've been waiting for.

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