Fertility Treatment CashBack Program

CashBack Terms and Conditions

1. To insure quality of service OVU launches Cash Back Program (Cash Back Program). This program should stimulate patients provide post-treatment review (feedback) of treatment they receive from OVU members.

2. This OVU Cash Back Program states the terms and conditions that govern the contractual agreement between –– OVU Fertility Network and the Patient. 

3. The Cash Back Program is available only to OVU Patient who close escrow/proceed to final settlement with OVU registered clinics that have the status  “Trusted Clinic” (Trusted Clinic)

4. The Cash Back Program offers up to 5 percent cash back (5%) but not more than $5,000 (five thousand US dollars/ Euro) spent on all consultations, procedures and treatments if the Patient represents the valid commercial invoice from the Trusted Clinic.

5. The valid commercial invoice should include all consultations, procedures and treatments, their prices in USD/EURO, and should be signed and sealed by the Clinic’s Responsible Representatives or Clinic’s Financial Department. 

6. The Cash Back Program excludes (no cash back for) such items as medications, accommodation fee, travel expenses, and embassy related expenses of the Patient.

7. To receive the Cash Back from OVU.com, the Patient should provide copies of the identification document
(ID card, National passport) in order to verify the validity of information. This is also required by the Personal Data Act and the legislation mentioned above.

8. Cash Back Payment will be made to the Patient by the OVU after the verification of the identification document and validation of the invoice within 20 business days during the following month.

9. Cash Back Payment will be transferred to the Patient’s nominated bank account or PayPal account.

10. Cash Back Payment cannot be transferred to a third party.

11. The Patient is required to provide a post-treatment review about Trusted Clinic (questionnaire) and sign special form documenting receiving Cash Back Payment. 

12. The Patient will be responsible for any applicable taxes on the Cash Back Payment. If you need legal or tax advice, you should consult with the appropriate professional.

13. The Cash Back Program is the subject to conditions, limitations, exclusions, modifications, and/or discontinuation without notifications.

14. The Cash Program’s Terms and Conditions must be completed, signed and returned before any Cash Back Payment will be issued.