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Cheapest Countries for Surrogacy in 2024

A Comprehensive Guide to Cheapest Surrogacy Options Worldwide

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Diving into surrogacy is a big deal. It involves experiencing intense emotions and navigating complex regulations, ethical considerations, and financial aspects.

Every country has its own set of rules and costs for surrogacy. This article will highlight the top five places where surrogacy won't cost you an arm and a leg, hopefully.

Traditional Surrogacy: Understanding Its Restrictions

The usual way, where the surrogate mom and the baby are genetically linked, is becoming less common due to tough legal problems. The strong feelings and legal complications that come from the surrogate's natural connection to the baby might cause issues. So, we need detailed laws to make sure everyone is protected.

Gestational Surrogacy: Commercial vs Altruistic

Gestational surrogacy is when someone carries a baby for another person or a couple who can't have a baby on their own. Unlike traditional surrogacy, the person carrying the baby (the surrogate) isn't genetically related to the child; the eggs and sperm come from the intended parents or donors.

In commercial surrogacy, the surrogate is paid money beyond medical and other reasonable expenses. It's like a job where they're compensated for their time and the effort they go through to carry and deliver the baby.

Altruistic surrogacy is different because the surrogate volunteers to carry the baby without expecting to get paid. They do it out of kindness or to help friends or family members. The only money that changes hands is meant to cover things like doctor's visits and other costs that come up during pregnancy.

Quick-Reference Comparison

Legal Restrictions
Egg Donation Availability
Typical Cost Range
Other Notes
Colombia:Altruistic only, Eggs from a surrogate cannot be utilizedAnonymous donors only$54,000 - $75,000Welcoming all, including LGBTQIA+
Cyprus:No specific regulationsAnonymous donors only$56,000 - $89,000Inclusive destination, also for HIV-positive intended parents
Mexico:Varies by state; No explicit federal lawAnonymous donors only$45,000 - $90,000Vibrant culture, welcoming all
Georgia:Available to heterosexual couples onlyKnown and anonymous donors$34,000 - $110,000High success rates require proof of marriage or partnership
Ukraine:Heterosexual married couples onlyAnonymous donors only$39,000 - $104,000Structured legal framework, no traditional surrogacy allowed

Note: These costs are indicative and may change. Always check current rates and legal conditions.

Exploring Destinations In-Depth:


It's a top spot for people looking into surrogacy due to its warm vibes, no specific bans on the practice, and open-way approach to LGBTQ+ couples. While it's open to all types of families, any surrogacy deals need to be done in an altruistic way (monetary compensation to a surrogate is prohibited, and only gifts to surrogate mother are allowed), usually these questions are resolved by surrogacy agencies or fertility clinics, and they can't use the surrogate's eggs.


This scenic island country is well-known as a top spot for tourism as well as fertility tourism. Here, all egg and sperm donors are anonymous, which keeps things simple for parents-to-be.


Mexico is not strictly regulated in terms of fertility law, allowing for fertility institutions and surrogacy agencies to be flexible and open-minded. The country offers choices like egg donation, embryo vitrification, and embryo transportation.


Great for tourism, delicious food, and for married heterosexual couples looking for surrogacy. Fertility institutions providing surrogacy in Georgia offer options for egg donation to be not anonymous, and also very versatile and affordable packages for commercial surrogacy.


In Ukraine commercial surrogacy is regulated by law. Here fertility institutions have a long tradition of "know-how" when it comes to fertility treatments making it one of the most affordable and well-known destinations around the globe. Keep in mind that officially commercial surrogacy is only allowed for heterosexual couples in Ukraine. Still, you should contact surrogacy agencies or fertility institutions even if you do not match the criteria. 

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Exploring Global Surrogacy: Cost-Effective Choices

A key worry for future parents is locating a place where surrogacy isn't just possible but also won't break the bank. We've looked into five spots—Colombia, Cyprus, Mexico, Georgia, and Ukraine—that stand out for their surrogacy perks, all without hefty price tags. Whether it's the allure of sunny skies or friendly legal frameworks, these countries offer varied paths for folks starting on this special path.

Surrogacy in Colombia: A Tropical Option

Colombia offers a warm and welcoming setting, with no explicit laws banning the practice. Intended parents from various backgrounds, including LGBTQIA+ couples, can pursue surrogacy arrangements here. The key conditions to remember are:

- Must be altruistic.
- The surrogate's oocytes cannot be used.
- A medical certificate is required to confirm conception difficulties.

Costs and Programs

- Traditional with Intended Parents' Genetic Material: $54,000 - $59,000. 
- With Egg Donation: $54,000 - $59,000.
- Guaranteed with Egg Donation: $69,000 - $75,000.
- With Frozen Embryo Transfer: $49,000 - $56,000.

Despite some legal nuances, Colombia remains a viable and attractive option, offering a unique blend of affordability and natural beauty.

Cyprus: Your Surrogacy Haven in the Mediterranean In Cyprus

The doors to surrogacy are wide open, making it a perfect spot for those looking for a warm, welcoming place to start their family. Here, there are no tight rules about surrogacy, which means all kinds of families – whether you're single, in a straight or LGBTQIA+ relationship, or living with HIV – can find the help they need.

Costs and Programs

- With Intended Parents' Oocytes and Sperm: $56,000 - $70,000 for a singleton; $79,000 - $89,000 for twins.
- With Egg Donation: $59,000 - $76,000 for a singleton; $79,000 - $89,000 for twins.
- Guaranteed with Egg Donation: $71,000 - $79,000.
- With Frozen Embryo: $50,000 - $52,000.

Cyprus offers a harmonious combination of relaxation and top-tier surrogacy services, making it a favored choice among intended parents.

Surrogacy in Mexico: The Heart of Vibrancy and Warmth

Mexico's inclusive attitude makes it a sought-after destination, with certain states like Mexico City and Quintana Roo offering comprehensive programs.

Costs and Programs

- With Intended Mother’s Oocytes and Father’s Sperm: $45,000 - $50,000.
- With Local Egg Donation: $50,000 - $56,000.
- With Traveling Egg Donor: $62,000 - $69,000.
- Guaranteed with Egg Donation: $72,000 - $90,000.
- With Frozen Embryo: $40,000 - $56,000.

Mexico is an inclusive and welcoming surrogacy option, providing high-quality medical care in a vibrant environment.

Surrogacy in Georgia: A Blend of Culture and Support

Georgia is an eastern European destination where international surrogacy is legal, and intended parents are recognized as legal parents. However, surrogacy in Georgia is available only to heterosexual married couples.

Costs and Programs

- Traditional with Intended Parents’ Genetic Material: $34,000 - $40,000.
- With Egg Donation: $40,000 - $58,000.
- Guaranteed with Egg Donation: $55,000 - $70,000.
- "Twins with two surrogate mothers" Program: $100,000 - $110,000.
- With Frozen Embryo: $42,000 - $54,000.

Georgia's picturesque landscapes and supportive legal framework make it an attractive surrogacy destination for married heterosexual couples.

Surrogacy in Ukraine: A Pioneering Option in Eastern Europe

Ukraine’s favorable surrogacy laws offer a supportive environment for heterosexual married couples to pursue surrogacy with at least one partner being genetically related to the child.

Costs and Programs

- Traditional with Intended Parents’ Genetic Material: $39,000 - $44,000.
- Guaranteed Using Own Oocytes: $55,000 - $59,000.
- With Egg Donation: $44,000 - $49,000.
- Guaranteed with Egg Donation: $54,000 - $62,000.
- "Twins with two surrogate mothers" Program: $100,000 - $104,000.
- With Frozen Embryo: $40,000 - $44,000.

Ukraine is known for its structured surrogacy programs and robust legal support, making it a premier destination for eligible couples.

Valuing Ethical Surrogacy

In ethical surrogacy, focusing on the surrogate's well-being and rights is the most important thing. They should completely get what they're signing up for, receive fair payment, and be treated kindly throughout the process. People wanting to be parents need to think carefully about both the legal and financial parts and how they morally owe it to the surrogate to treat them right.

Wrapping Up

Embarking on this path is incredibly personal and involves juggling various elements like expenses, laws, and how you feel about your chosen country. The nations highlighted here offer affordable surrogacy paths and different cultures and settings. These choices allow would-be parents to achieve their dreams in a place that aligns with their hopes and life situations.

Making Your Choice

Picking the right place is a big part of the journey toward becoming parents. By looking at costs, legal rules, options for egg donation, and ethical considerations, future parents can navigate surrogacy with a complete view, leading to choices that respect everyone involved.

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