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Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, 10000

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Poliklinika IVF
7 Ul Antuna Nemčića
Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, 10000

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Poliklinika IVF

Prof. Velimir Šimunić, MD, PhD, IVF Polyclinic owner and medical director, aspecialist in gynecology and obstetrics with a subspecialty in human reproduction, was the head of the Institute of Human Reproduction at the Women’s Health Clinic in Zagreb for over 25 years. He is a regular member of the Croatian Academy of Medical Sciences and a professor of gynecology and obstetrics at the Zagreb Faculty of Medicine. Prof. Šimunić, MD, PhD, is a pioneer in gynecological endocrinology and human reproduction on the territory of former Yugoslavia. He started an IVF program at the hospital in Petrova Street as far back as in 1982/83 and headed the team responsible for the conception and birthof the first IVF baby – Robert Veriga. Robert Veriga was born as the first IVF baby in former Yugoslavia and third in Europe. Since then, doctor Šimunić has enabled more than 4000 IVF children to be born.

The polyclinic’s main service is infertility diagnostics and treatment, which includes various procedures: semen analysis, sperm DNA fragmentation and determining chromosome anomalies. In diagnosing infertility in women, the polyclinic checks for uterine anomalies, treats endometriosis, damaged  fallopian tubes and ovulation disorders. Infertility treatment also includes an outpatient hysteroscopy procedure, which can be diagnostic or surgical. When it comesto diagnostics in gynecology, IVF Polyclinic treats preinvasive lesions of cervix (HPV, CIN, colposcopy, LLETZ conization), diagnoses tumors, diagnoses and treats endometriosis, treats endocrine disorders and polycystic ovaries, menorrhagia and abnormal bleedings.The polyclinic offers comprehensive ultrasound diagnostic services, check-upsof normal and pathological pregnancies, repeated miscarriage treatment and diagnosing fetal normality.

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