Fertility Clinic
Slagelse, 4200

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Slagelse, 4200

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Monday to Friday 9am - 7pm

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Welcome to Storkereden Fertility Clinic. We are a fertility clinic for everyone who wants a child, whether you want a child as a single mother or you are a couple.

At Storkereden we know everything about the great feelings and considerations associated with wanting a child. We advise and guide you with respect and trust so that you can have the best course with us. 

We offer an introductory interview at the clinic where we talk about the possibilities, the practical and legal issues. In the conversation, we also talk about your considerations and needs and offer respectful guidance if you need advice on diet and other lifestyles.

Storkereden fertility clinic is located in Slagelse. Some treatments such as scanning and insemination with prepared donor sperm from sperm banks can also take place at our clinic in Holbæk.

We are a small clinic in a quiet and safe environment. We have no waiting time and there will always be an opportunity to contact us and get help and advice in the process.

We look forward to welcoming you and being a part of creating your family.