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The 65th Annual Meeting of the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society

Renaissance Hotel, Indian Wells, California 44-400 Indian Wells Ln, Indian Wells, CA 92210, USA
$350 - $1090
The 65th Annual Meeting of the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society
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The 65th Annual Meeting of the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society



PCRS is a nonprofit medical specialty society providing avenues of Continuing Education, including accredited CME, to enhance the performance of physicians and team members and the well-being of patients. PCRS operates exclusively for medical, educational and charitable purposes. The Society offers the highest quality education, designed and presented by the top names in our field. The PCRS Annual Meeting allows you personal access to these thought leaders and creates a community where members share and exchange information to advance the ideologies of our profession and build long–term working and personal relationships. The Pacific Coast Reproductive Society’s global commitment to exceptional patient care is embodied in the continuing medical education of physicians, their teams, and allied professionals. Promoting the highest standards of clinical practice, patient safety, and improved patient outcomes, related to the treatment of infertility, is consistent with the principles and goals of PCRS.


Focus Areas

(1) General Sessions: Reproductive Endocrine Aspects of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology; Clinical Relevance of Oocyte Mitochondria; Progesterone in ART Treatments; Treatment of Idiopathic Oligospermia; Unexplained Male Infertility; Embryo Transfer; Reproductive Medicine Network; Fertility Preservation; Minimally Invasive Surgery in Reproductive Medicine; CCS Analytical Platforms; To Freeze or Not to Freeze; Impact of BMI in IVF; Elective Oocyte Freezing; Aneuploid or Mosaic Embryos.

(2) for Fellows: Ultrasound–guided Follicle Aspiration; Male Infertility; Surgical Aspects of Reproductive Medicine.

(3) for Nurses and the Team and Genetic Counselors: Patient Retention; CCS: Moral and Ethical Dilemmas; Genetic Testing and Counseling in an IVF practice.

(4) for Physicians: Emerging Role of Genetics in OB/GYN and REI; Comprehensive Carrier Screening; Mild Stimulation and Modified Natural Cycle in IVF.

(5) for Embryologists and Reproductive Biologists: Techniques: Biopsy/Re-biopsy Technique, Tube Loading, Labeling and Vitrification; Temperature in the IVF Lab.

Contact information:

Pacific Coast Reproductive Society (PCRS)

Post Office Box 2223

Sisters, Oregon 97701

Telephone: 5415491607

Fax: 5415491653

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