InVitro Life

Fertility Clinic
T'bilisi, Tbilisi, 0144

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InVitro Life
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InVitro Life Clinic
9 Tsinandali Street
T'bilisi, Tbilisi, 0144

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English Russian other
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Monday to Friday: 09.30 am — 05.30 pm (09.30 — 178.30)
Saturday: 10.00 am — 02.00 pm (10.00 — 14.00)
Based in Tbilisi, Georgia, our team of professionals have significant
experience with assisted reproduction - they have been working in the
reproduction field for about 10 years.
We dedicate our time, energy, and effort to making our
patients feel heard, understood and supported.
On a journey to parenthood, intended parents encounter many different
paths and are asked to make decisions that impact the future of their
growing family. At Invitro Life, we are firm believers that bringing new lives
into the world requires taking care of future parents’ every need and
offering a strong support system to them. We take this responsibility

InVitro Life

We believe that some people are destined to be parents, but not all of them are lucky enough to conceive a baby in a traditional way. Everyone deserves a chance to ultimate happiness. 

This is why each member of Invitro Life is on a noble mission of bringing you the immense joy of being a parent. The medical professionals at Invitro Life have been granting the happiness of parenthood to couples of all statuses for decades now - their prominent experience and diverse cases make us confident and proud to announce that this incomparable team truly makes our mission successful. 

Along with dedication and passion, creating a life requires in-depth technical knowledge and equipment.  We’re extremely proud of our modern laboratories that are in accordance with the latest European and American standards. Our labs answer to all of the scientific advances in the field of reproduction and are designed to operate perfectly and conduct any type of analysis our patients may need. Invitro Life is equipped with the most modern and high-tech medical equipment. Among them is the Voluson E10 ultrasound examination device from the company General Electric, which is one of the most accurate and high-quality devices in Tbilisi.

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