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Berlin Fertility Center

Fertility Center Berlin is a hospital for those desiring to have children. This means for us as a team that we have adopt in a competent and sensitive manner the needs of the people that would like to become parents. And we hope that this approach... more...

Berlin, Berlin , Germany

Ceres Fertility Center Berlin

Being part of a fertility team is a privilege for everyone. In addition to high professional competence, a big heart and empathy are the basic prerequisites for successfully completing his or her area, whether as a doctor, biologist or medical assistant. ... more...

Berlin, Berlin , Germany

Fertility Center Berlin

The philosophy of Fertility Center Berlin As anywhere in medicine: we always focus on you. Our striving and our work always focuses on the childless pair, with their own personal past, their wishes, fears and hopes. The satisfaction of our patients,... more...

Berlin, Berlin , Germany

Fertility Group

The desire to have children practice FERTILITY GROUP in Berlin is a nationally and internationally renowned specialist clinic for treating infertility. Getting pregnant is not always easy for all couples. In our center for reproductive medicine we offer... more...

Berlin, Berlin , Germany

Kinderwunschteam Berlin

Our work is centred on the areas of fertility, endometriosisand other problems experienced by women of reproductive age. As such, our practice operates on the ethos of being able to offer an alternative to the customary „standard therapy“.... more...

Berlin, Berlin , Germany

Kinderwunschzentrum am Potsdamer Platz

In January 2012 we, Dr. med. Hanadi Awwadeh and Dr. med. Anja Mutz opened our Fertility Clinic in Berlin – Mitte. We were educated at the Charité Berlin and have been working in Reproductive Medicine and Endocrinology for over 10 years.... more...

Berlin, Berlin , Germany

Kinderwunschzentrum Berlin

From 100 newborn children in Germany, currently three are born after a fertilization outside the body, and every sixth couple needs medical support, as the path of creating a family is not always direct. Every couple needs their individual... more...

Berlin, Berlin , Germany

MVZ VivaNeo Praxisklinik Sydow Berlin GmbH

Welcome to the Sydow Practice Clinic, your surgical gynaecology and fertility clinic in Berlin. Our experienced team offers you the entire range of reproductive medicine. As specialists in fertility treatments, we can fully take all your needs into... more...

Berlin, Berlin , Germany

Praxis for fertility

Our work focuses on the topics of desire for children ,  endometriosis  and other  problems of women of reproductive age .  Every woman, couple, and cause of sterility is different, so the approach to solving the problem should... more...

Berlin, Berlin , Germany


 We offer all infertility diagnostics and treatment. Treatment list: hormonal treatment insemination (husband and donor) heterosexual-, homosexual couples, single women IVF (see above) ICSI Frozen embryo cycles Egg freezing Over the... more...

Berlin, Berlin , Germany

Praxis für Kinderwunschtherapie Berlin–Helle Mitte

Our practise has completely specialised in the treatment of pairs with unfull child wish. For most people it is natural to get a child. However, according to estimates the wish for own child kept remains to every 6th pair in Germany, the causes of the... more...

Berlin, Berlin , Germany

TFP Kinderwunsch Berlin

In our fertility center in Berlin we take a lot of time for you and your needs and give you detailed and competent advice on your treatment options. As a member of the large European TFP network, we are one of the most successful fertility centers in... more...

Berlin, Berlin , Germany



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