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SJM Vasundhara
Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, 201012

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SJM Vasundhara

Infertility is the inability to get pregnant after trying over for a long period. There are two types of infertility problems, one is primary infertility that refers to not getting conceived after one long year in-spite of not using any birth control methods. But, in secondary infertility, the person will get pregnant once and later becomes impotent for the second pregnancy.

The SJM IVF Centre, a flagship unit of SJM Hospital, is an advanced, fully equipped and expert-staffed clinic for fertility and reproductive medicine. Using modern facilities such as ultrasound, separate dedicated operation theatre, IVF laboratory, andrology laboratory and semen collection room, equipped with the latest equipment, we ensure the best possible success rates for our patients.

While India has seen a significant rise in the number of patients opting for infertility treatments, the numbers are still abysmally low compared to the couples actually requiring medical treatment. One of the major reasons for this is the lack of awareness. People need to be made aware of the basic concept that infertility is a disease that needs to be addressed medically. SJM IVF Centre was launched with the commitment to offer standardized and ethical infertility treatment, as well as addressing the urgent need for an organized institutional provider for fertility treatment.

Our fertility experts carry many decades of experience. They devise and deliver the most effective treatments based on each patient/family’s individual medical and lifestyle history, hence assuring the best possible chances of success. With specialized and personalized treatments over many years, SJM IVF Centre has become the preferred choice for patients in India.

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