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Kolkata, West Bengal, 700012

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Prapti Fertility
129/1 BB Ganguly Street
Kolkata, West Bengal, 700012

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Monday to Saturday 10am — 5pm

Prapti Fertility

We have got state of the art lab with air handling unit (ahu)and modular IVF lab. Very few IVF labs of our country have got this kind of facility. Air handling unit is a unique equipment, which maintains optimum air quality in the IVF lab, to promote an environment which is most suitable for embryo formation and maintenance. It also ensures a bacteria and virus-free environment, which is very essential at this point of time.Our IVF lab is equipped with most modern technology in embryology and andrology section. Our andrology work station is designed to optimise the environment which is best suitable for semen analysis, morphology checking and processing. HEPA filter is provided to ensure a bacteria and virus free environment. Best quality centrifuge, most modern microscope, and state-of-the-art IVF work stations , all are there to ensure safety and success, to ensure quality, precision work, under magnified vision.The Machine and the person behind it, is important for getting success in IVF.
We are blessed to have quality in both. All the parameters, which are important to increase success, are all taken care of with extreme care. So we are achieving very high success rate.

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