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Ludhiana, Punjab, 141002

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Despite great strides in medical research infertility is a problem for one of every seven couples attempting to conceive a child. For those of you who struggle with this situation, the UNIQUE FERTILITY CENTRE (IVF) offers support & information. There are many reasons why a couple may be infertile. These reasons can range from causes that are relatively minor & easily treated to causes that are difficult to identify & often, difficult & expensive to remedy. Every couple is different.

1.  Infertility can be traced to the wife & the husband in equal percentage. (35% each)

2.  Twenty percent of infertility is caused by problem in both spouses.

3.  Ten percent of cases have no explanation.

Unique IVF centre has been created to provide comprehensive & caring programme to help you overcome your fertility problems.

You can be confident that you will receive some of the most advanced & Dr. Sushil Kumar Chopraeffective fertility treatment available in the country. Unique IVF is backed by a team of highly skilled & experienced infertility specialist, embryologist, & counselor. Here each couple is assured of an personal & private attention, while deciding the options & procedures available. The international standard IVF Lab is geared to render all the services of assisted reproductive techniques.

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