Akshaya Women`s Care

Fertility Clinic
Salem, Tamil Nadu, 636007

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Akshaya Women`s Care
No 3 Gandhi Rd
Salem, Tamil Nadu, 636007

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Monday to Friday 9am - 7pm

Akshaya Women`s Care

Akshaya Women's Care and Akshaya Fertility Centre in Salem city and Tirupattur offer the best possible treatment for all OBGYN issues. A friendly, gentle approach with great care and dedication is guaranteed.

Right from the ancient days, woman suffered within herself about her physical problems feeling shy to share with others. But in this modern age, there is no need to be like an ostrich burying the head in ground. Every woman has the right to discuss about her physical issues freely and come out of the shell to get a quick recovery, moving ahead with a perfect stress-free life.

AKSHAYA FERTILITY CENTRE and AKSHAYA WOMEN'S CARE stand for women, giving everlasting happiness to them with the evergreen care and smile. The infinite joy for women is gifted through the selfless service of Dr VANI PUJARI, the Founder of Akshaya fertility centre and Akshaya women's care.This indefatigable physician solves almost all the physical problems of females through her state-of-art techniques. Being a Pioneer in gynaecology and obstetrics, she focuses her immense concentration to solve many of their indescribable physical issues in a very easy and possible way.

CO2 laser treatment and magnetic Vibes treatment are making remarkable breakthrough in aesthetic gynaecology. With her tireless efforts in the field of fertility, she is converting a thin Ray of hope to actual dawn for hundreds of families. Dr. Vani Pujari D.G.O., D.N.B.,(O&G), M.R.C.O.G (UK) DRM (Germany) Obstetrician, Gynaecologist and Infertility specialist along with her team of expertise doctors stands in this field of gynaecology and obstetrics cares patients and cures their problems.

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