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Dharan Womens Care
Salem, Tamil Nadu, 636201

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Dharan Womens Care

Over Generations, human lifestyle has gone into enormous transformation from one stage to other, due to upgrade of civilization and lifestyle customization. Expectation of rapid result oriented activities with the support of modernized lifestyle electronic gadgets leads to poor health and unbalanced food practices. This makes present generation grow with hormonal deficiency and deficiency in organ functional rate. One such main challenge for present generation is fertility hazard to make a family.

Dharan Womens Care - Fertility Centre is the new name in the fertility treatment world, with a team of experts and stalwarts who has been in fertility treatment for decades. Dharan Womens Care is incepted in Salem as one of the ‘Centre of Excellence’ unit under the flagship Dharan Hospital.

Dharan Womens Care is a one stop solution, which evolves with hope, support, inspiration, transparency, confidentiality and motivation supported by clinical expertise to help the needy patients. This helps patients to meet the challenges and achieve their fertility dreams towards having a happy family. We Dharan Womens Care believe, every patient is unique in terms of physical and psychological way of dealing health issues, and we are passionate in finding the best solution that meets the fertility goals.

The management of Dharan Hospital and the Clinical Team of Dharan Womens Care assures that, the journey of parenthood at Dharan Womens Care will be without any stress and hassle, and ensures secrecy and privacy of all information. Either Woman with long term fertile complexity or Men with mortality complications will be addressed with compassionate care.

Welcome to the fertility world of Dharan Womens Care.

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