Surya Fertility Clinic

Fertility Clinic
Thrissur, Kerala, 680007

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Surya Fertility Clinic
Koorkenchery Rd
Thrissur, Kerala, 680007

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English other
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Monday to Saturday 8am — 5pm

Surya Fertility Clinic

SURYA is a FERTILITY AND GYNOENDOSCOPIC Centre that houses a team of expert and specialist doctors who are dedicated to the cause of helping couples combat and overcome fertility management issues, With the most advanced and fully-fledged departments of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Infertility, Embryology, Laparoscopic Surgery. SURYA is well equipped and self sufficient with a wide range of the latest equipment’s and offers the best of Faculty and facilities and treatment under the same roof. 

We at SURYA realize that each patient is an individual with different needs and issues. So as a rule and practice, our doctors offer treatment plans with a customized protocol to cater to varied medical needs of every couple, after taking into consideration the severity of the disease, age of the couple and duration of the infertility. Here we aim at offering our patients best in the world.

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