AGI Medica

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Siena, Tuscany, 53100

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AGI Medica
94f Viale Pietro Toselli
Siena, Tuscany, 53100

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Monday to Friday 8am — 5pm
Saturday 8am — 1pm

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AGI Medica

Thanks to the commitment of our all-female team, AgiMedica, has achieved these success rates. A team made up of doctors and biologists with proven experience in the field of Reproductive Medicine, always constantly updated both on a scientific level and on the diagnostic-therapeutic practices of assisted fertilization.

We have a great responsibility to contribute to the realization of every woman's desire to become a mother, through the best assisted reproduction techniques with recurring investments in technological and scientific development . We work to ensure the best results in the total well-being of our patients. This is possible thanks to the experience acquired over the years, and to the dedication of a large specialized team passionate about their work and our cutting-edge laboratory.

In obtaining a pregnancy, there are numerous interfering factors that delay the "time to pregnancy". The main one is certainly represented by the female age: the scientific literature reports that as a woman increases the probability of pregnancy drastically reduces due to a physiological worsening of the oocyte quality. However, assisted fertilization, through adequate and personalized ovarian stimulation protocols, allows to overcome this problem by offering women of biologically advanced age the possibility of realizing their dream of a baby in her arms.

AGI Medica  has participated in numerous projects in the area, such as the events organized by the Sienese University aimed at offering young graduates in Biology and Biotechnology more knowledge on the various work areas present in the area. AGI Medica offers the possibility to students  of the degree course in Biology to  carry out their thesis internship in their laboratories, both in andrology and in embryology. AGI Medica funded two research doctorates in “Molecular Medicine” in collaboration with the Department of Molecular and Development Medicine of the University of Siena. 

In addition, AGI Medica is part of Toscana Life Science , a non-profit organization with the purpose of supporting research activities in the field of life sciences. Today the AGI Medica clinic also has a branch office in Genoa at the outpatient clinic of  DR. ROSSANA SARLI   - OBSTETRICAL GYNECOLOGIST SPECIALIST - to give couples and not only the possibility to take advantage of the qualities of a clinic in the Genoa area. Private but at the prices of an affiliated structure.