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PGD Tokyo

Asada Ladies Shinagawa Clinic

Asada Ladies Clinic is a clinic specializing in fertility treatment. Our goal is to achieve genuine happiness through fertility treatment. It's not just about "everyone's happiness". I want you to be happy with the result of being... more...

Minato City, Tokyo , Japan

Igenomix Tokyo

We started Igenomix back in 2011 along with a group of visionaries and scientists. Our engagement focus was on the patient seeking for reproductive medical treatment with one idea in mind: to obtain a healthy baby at home.  Now, with the latest... more...

Chuo City, Tokyo , Japan

Inoue Ladies Clinic

In the Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, infertility and the "men and women of reproductive age want to become pregnant, there is a certain period of time, without having to contraception a normal sexual intercourse to continue looking... more...

Tachikawa, Tokyo , Japan

Kato Ladies Clinic

For women, we aim to maximize the power of women, minimize medical intervention, and aim for pregnancy in a form that is as close to nature as possible. This is the treatment policy that we have been cherishing since the hospital opened. We value the... more...

Shinjuku City, Tokyo , Japan

Kato Reclinic

"As little as possible the burden on the body, the baby you want without having to take a detour" when considering the infertility treatment, you should surely think so. Kato Redisclinic offers body-friendly fertility treatments , focusing... more...

Shinjuku City, Tokyo , Japan

Kiba Park Clinic

The six major pillars that affect ART (in vitro fertilization / intracytoplasmic sperm injection) performance are pre-ART (in vitro fertilization / microinsemination) examinations, selection of appropriate ovarian stimulation methods that evaluate ovarian... more...

Koto City, Tokyo , Japan



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