Vaisingumo centras

Fertility Clinic
Vilnius, Vilnius County, 08200

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Vaisingumo centras
3 J. Balčikonio g.
Vilnius, Vilnius County, 08200

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English Russian other
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Monday to Friday 8am — 7pm

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Vaisingumo centras

Grazina Bogdanskiene Fertility Center is one of most advanced treatment centers in Baltic countries for both male and female infertility. Fertility Center was established in 1997 according to HFEA regulations used in Great Britain

All investigations, tests and procedures are performed in a modern clinic and IVF laboratory established according to the standards of Great Britain. Our specialists are qualified according to standards of Western Europe and have been trained in IVF clinics in Great Britain, Denmark, Belgium, France, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Netherlands and USA. Our Fertility Center is licensed to perform gynaecological outpatient and all IVF procedures.

Grazina Bogdanskiene Fertility Center is dedicated to success, with the best interests of mother and child being our paramount concern. We welcome everyone who feel that they need our assistance.

Our first priority is to give professional and ethical advice based on your individual circumstances. Safety, security and affordability are fundamental to our approach. Everything we do is dedicated to successful fertility treatment.