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Submitted by Neemat Bello on 08/24/2022

The most horrible experience

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Their interests are financially based excluding any compassion,empathy for the heart-felt need of the client.I came to this establishment,asked the relevant questions regarding the procedure that i required.Having been assured that the required treatment would be accomplished,they deceived me to make initial payment, thereafter they imposed on me additional test which were not required & was not informed of during my initial enquiry. As i felt cheated and scammed,i challenged their integrity whereby the situation escalated to such an extent that i, who went in for a simple fertility procedure,ended up in a police station with the nordica fertility staff,where i was vindicated to the detriment of the nordica fertility establishment.My heart goes out to the poor& vulnerable couples who are praying for children and are placing their trust with this so called "medical establishment", then would be exploited & cheated of their hard earned money.I hope & pray this never happens to anyone

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