Fertility Clinic
Porto, Porto District, 4100-130

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Procriar – Centro de Obstetrícia e Medicina de Reprodução do Porto, Lda.
Avenida da Boavista, 1243
5th Floor
Porto, Porto District, 4100-130

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English French Spanish Portuguese
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Hours of Operation
2ª a 5ª feira das 08:30h às 19:30h e 6ª feira das 08:30h às 16:30h
Monday to Thursday: 08:30 am — 07:30 pm
Friday: 08.30 am — 04.30 pm
Saturday: closed
Sunday: closed


Procriar specializes in performing ●Consultations and Screenings; ●Infertility Screening and Treatment, ●Lab. Tests, ●Ovulation Induction (OI) cycles, ●IUI (intrauterine insemination) cycles: non–stimulated, stimulated, with the partner’s or using the donor’s sperm, ●IVF/ICSI/IMSI/PICSI with the partner’s or using the donor’s sperm (natural, classic and guaranteed cycles), ●Egg Donation cycles (fresh and frozen), ●Sperm Donation cycles (fresh and frozen), ●Egg and Sperm Donation cycles (fresh and frozen), ●Surgical sperm retrieval (MESA, PESA, TESA, TESE), Preimplantation Genetic Testing: PGS/PGD (preimplantation genetic screening/diagnosis), ●Oocyte & Embryo vitrification/Sperm Freezing & Storage cycles, ●Post–egg freezing Ivf cycles using the partner’s or donor’s sperm, ●FET (transferring vitrified–devitrified embryos) cycles, ●Embryo adoption cycles, and ●Diagnostic Reproductive Surgeries.

Why Procriar?

Procriar is a clinic specialized in Reproductive Medicine treatments for all women. We are a reference centre, which combines the latest and most advanced technologies with an experienced and dedicated team. We offer all types of infertility treatments for women, with and without a partner, treatments with their own or donated eggs and sperm (depending on the clinical indication) and without waiting lists, since we have our own gametes bank. We also have the most advanced pre implantation genetic diagnosis systems, so that your family project can be developed in the safest way possible.

We are a highly dynamic, committed and specialized team.

Procriar clinic is led by one of the greatest Portuguese specialists in the field of Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Joana Mesquita Guimarães, who is supported by a group of highly qualified professionals that provide a personalized and exceptional service.

This team works, every day, with the latest equipment / technologies on the market.Therefore, we are able to combine expertise, experience, professionalism and an unrivaled dedication to cutting-edge technology.

We are inspired by Life. Your Life.

How we Work

At Procriar we have the most advanced pre implantation genetic diagnosis systems, so that your family project can develop in the safest way possible. We accompany the pregnant woman in all stages, from planning and preparing the pregnancy, to the delivery which is done in hospitals where partnerships have been established. We favor an integrated concept of Reproductive Medicine, in which the scientific vanguard is accompanied by a human approach of proximity and that interconnects all aspects of the couple's situation or each woman's project.

Quality Policy

The service provided by Procriar aims to contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of infertility, addressing the disease in a multidisciplinary and integrated way, in all its dimensions. In this way, Procriar seeks to ensure the delivery of all care, related directly and indirectly to the treatment of infertility, in a fully comprehensive approach and in collaboration with other institutions and professionals.

Being aware of the importance of its services, Procriar consistently aims to maximize the patient’s satisfaction, to improve the Quality Management System and to comply with the applicable regulations and legislation, having as purpose to optimize the success rates of the medical care provided.

Procriar’s administration defined the following general principles for the clinic’s activity:

– Work with the highest possible success rates, giving all patients a real possibility to start a family;

– Act with the humanism, sensitivity and responsibility that infertility treatments require;

– Obtain excellent levels of patient satisfaction and monitor and measure these aspects continuously and as rigorously as possible;

– Provide excellent working conditions to the employees;

– Comply with the current legislation and regulations;

-Invest in continuous improvement by motivating all employees and stakeholders to do so.


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