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Micro TESE Latvia

Price: €2750EUR

In special cases, formation of spermatozoids in testicles can be so insignificant that it takes place only in very rare points, which can’t be established before biopsy. Therefore, we apply special search technique - m-TESE - microsurgical TEsticular Sperm Extraction. Your doctor will open your testicles though the incision and look under a high power operating microscope for seminiferous tubules that are swollen and may contain sperm. This surgery could be useful for patients whose spermatozoids were not found during the regular biopsy, or in cases when before any spermatozoid examination treatment doctor suspects that there is a tiny chance to find them (for example, in case of the reduced size of testicles, various cases of genetic problems etc.) 

Any sperm retrieval treatment is performed in the surgery room, under local or general anaesthesia and is completely painless to the patient.

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