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Fertility Clinic
Cairns, Queensland, 4878

OPG Licensing Course

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Cairns, Queensland, 4878

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Monday to Friday 9am - 7pm

About CBCTOPGLicensing

About Dr. Amar Sholapurkar

Dr. Amar Sholapurkar works as a full-time academic in the fields of clinical dentistry and oral radiology. He provides 2D Radiographic Interpretation Courses, CBCT Licensing Courses, and OPG/Lateral Ceph Licensing Courses in Australia. He has more than a decade of teaching (undergraduate and postgraduate) and research experience to date. 

Dr. Amar Sholapurkar is currently pursuing a part-time PhD at JCU's Cairns campus. He completed his Masters in Oral Medicine and Radiology from the prestigious Manipal University, India. 

His career began as an Assistant Professor (Senior Lecturer) at Manipal University, followed by a Reader where he worked as a specialist in Oral Medicine and Radiology. He also worked as an assistant professor at a university in the Middle East for a couple of years.

Dental Radiographs:

Dental radiographs are a valuable diagnostic tool in the dentist's arsenal and are commonly used in a variety of dental practices across Australia. A successful and systematic approach to radiographic interpretation depends on a thorough understanding of the normal radiographic anatomy of the head and neck. 

Dentists should also be aware of all diseases, especially those related to systemic diseases, so that patients can be referred to their respective specialists at the right time. 

The lecture will mainly outline the basic steps that clinicians should consider during a 2D radiological examination of various abnormalities of the jaws.

CBCT/OPG learning objectives:

  • History of Dental Radiology
  • Radiation Physics
  • Radiation Biology/Biological Effects of Ionising Radiation
  • Radiation Protection and Dosimetry
  • The respective state radiation health department's radiation safety act
  • Film imaging, including intensifying screens and grids
  • Processing of films and processing errors
  • Digital imaging
  • Panoramic radiography and lateral cephalometry in detail
  • Extra-oral radiographic faults
  • Normal radiographic anatomy and radiographic interpretation

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