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Anatolia Hospital Belek
54 Cinnah Cd.
Ankara, 06690

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Anatolia Hospital Belek


1. Expertise: Anatolia has been operating since 2005 and is one of the busiest IVF centers in Turkey. Since its foundation in 2005, has achieved more than 15,000 deliveries in 30,000 couples.

Professor Hakan Yaralı, MD, the founder and the clinical director of Anatolia, has been in the field since 1991.

The laboratory director, İrem Yaralı Özbek, has completed two master degrees in US and is among the very few embryologists that had such formal training in clinical embryology and andrology.

2. High IVF laboratory standards: Good laboratory conditions are indispensable for high success rates! We believe that ≈80% of success/failure is from the IVF laboratory. Obviously, the importance of the three segments at the clinical site of an IVF cycle, namely stimulation of the ovaries to optimize the number of oocytes, timely administration of the final triggering of oocyte maturation and luteal support (giving progesterone to enhance uterine inner lining receptivity) should not be denied.

It is a reality that different IVF centers worldwide have different success rates, namely live birth rate per initiated cycle. This applies for all the IVF centers in different cities and countries. It is the IVF laboratory performance that is mainly responsible for these divergent results. In this context, the competency of the laboratory staff, the equipment used and integration of the recent state-of-art procedures into routine practice are of critical importance.

The mission of Anatolia IVF, which is the busiest IVF center in Ankara, is to provide the state-of-art clinical practice with the cutting-edge laboratory and genetic technology to maximize the live birth rates.

3. Quality: Anatolia IVF is ISO (ISO-9001/2015) accredited.

Anatolia IVF deeply believes that there is room for improvement indefinitely!  Hence, expert worldwide leaders in embryology lab audit Anatolia IVF annually.  Professor Yaralı, is also regularly invited to audit IVF centers in diverse countries.

Anatolia IVF aims to incorporate the most recent advances in clinical and laboratory IVF to enhance the live birth rates.

4. Safety: Anatolia is using the highest quality withness system in its laboratories to avoid mix up of the biologic materials.

5. Fee advantage: (half of the cost that you will be paying at a comparable western European respectful IVF clinic) along with good/clean nearby accommodation facilities and fluent English speaking medical staff & support personnel will let your visit a successful and an enjoyable one. We pride ourselves on giving this opportunity to even the most challenging of patients.

6. Personalized approach to maximize the live birth rates and to avoid risks: “One size will fit all strategy” is, obviously, not valid in an IVF treatment cycle. Personalized protocols are employed to stimulate the ovaries, to trigger final oocyte maturation, to administer luteal phase support (progesterone or similar drugs to enhance implantation of the transferred embryo) and in IVF laboratories.

7. High moral and ethical values: High moral and ethical values with a high coefficient of empathy are among the dominant features of Anatolia.

8. Contribution to science: Anatolia has been and is currently a part of several international multi-center projects in IVF.

Dr. Yaralı, based on h-index, was recently recognized and announced to be one of the first top 100 Turks contributed the most to the universal medical literature.

9. Organization of scientific activities: Anatolia has been organizing 2- or 3-day preceptorship workshops for physicians and embryologist from diverse countries to share the contemporary knowledge, expertise in clinical and laboratory IVF.

10. And finally because our dominant features are;

  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Respect
  • Success-oriented
  • Patient-centeredness
  • Open to scientific and technologic advances
  • Empathy
  • Team approach
  • Loyalty
  • High ethical standards