GYNCARE, s.r.o.

Fertility Clinic
Košice, Košice Region

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GYNCARE, s.r.o.
Košice, Košice Region

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Monday to Friday 9am - 7pm

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GYNCARE, s.r.o.

If you cannot seem to get pregnant naturally, the Gyncare centre of assisted reproduction is the right place for you. We address all the problems of our patients in a sensitive and comprehensive manner. We will help you in going through this often physically and emotionally demanding period and will provide you with efficient treatment as well as psychological support.

Hundreds of happy couples speak for themselves

The Gyncare centre for assisted reproduction was established in 2001. We have helped hundreds of happy couples to fulfil their dream of having a child. In 17 years, we have conducted over 5000 IVF procedures, resulting in the birth of 1,800 children.

We attach great importance to diagnostics. Besides gynaecologists, our centre features experts in genetics, reproductive immunology, psychology, sexology and andrology. We will do anything we can to identify the problem and solve it.

A sensitive approach in a pleasant environment

We operate state-of-the-art laboratories, equipment and devices and cooperate with leading experts who care and have a humane approach. The environment of our clinic is cosy and intimate. We try to walk the extra mile in all your requirements for privacy.

Each client, male or female, deserves an individual approach – we respect not only your diagnosis but also your needs. However, we do make sure we give you all the information about what is happening, what is the planned procedure, the likelihood of success and the overall expected course of treatment.

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Submitted by Awais on Thursday, Sep 05, 2019

I sent my Qs in the end of July, but there was no response...

Overall Rating

Slovakia was one of our preferrable destinations to have our IVF with egg donor treatment. We tried to receive free quotes from all clinics in Slovakia to shape the right decision. I sent my Qs in the end of July, but there was no response from here, hope they will add info about treatments and costs. Thanks...

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