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Submitted by Sezgin on 03/01/2023

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In vitro

For many years we have struggled with gettıng pregnant, we had tried 6 attempts before meeting with Dr. Nezih. My husband and I were ready to give up, but we decided to give it a last shot through a recommendation of a friend that lives in Turkey of an excellent doctor, with high rates of success on IVF treatments and we decided to give it a shot. I highly recommend looking for the right Doctor because having a great team by your side increases your chances of success. The Doctor is patient, he gets involved, he explains every little detail to perfection. The staff is very friendly and also very professional, from our initial appointment to the completion of the cycle everything went quick and smooth, we were astonished when after 6 attempts with another doctor we finally had our baby in the way. Prices are extremely reasonable too, considering that you have to travel to Turkey for the procedure, definitely going again for baby number 2.

Submitted by Donatella Lopez on 12/10/2020

IVF with Icsi

After much research for options after we received the news that we could not have children in a normal way, we did our homework to look for options for IVF that will not cost us a fortune, we live in Spain, my husband is Spanish, and this website was recommended by a couple of friends who had already gone through this process,
Due to price and proximity, we decided to try Dr. Nezih in Turkey, and thank God we made this decision. Our process was simply magical, the doctor is super attentive, he takes the time to explain everything in detail no matter how many times you call him or ask me the same question.
In relation to prices and attention, we recommend it blindly, since prices are much cheaper than in other parts. If you take the chance to carry out your process with Dr. Nezih you will not only take a gift in the oven back home but also have an amazing experience.

Submitted by Paloma Mariel on 12/10/2020