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We are very happy that we chose Jinepol

From the very beginning since we started our research on the Internet I had a very good feeling about this clinic. I read many reviews about big and “famous” hospitals and I didn’t like them.
Many people complained that they had to wait hours for the doctor. So we decided to choose a small private clinic where the personnel treats your like a family. We were absolutely right with our choice. From the first step to Jinepol we could feel very comfortable, relaxed and confident. We met Dr. Selim and he was very clear in all his explanations about the IVF treatment. Dr. Selim speaks fluent English and possess a very good sense of humor. We loved him from the first visit. All other personnel are also very helpful, extremely friendly and professional.
Also Dr. Selim is always on WhatsApp so we could ask him anything and anytime.
Our treatment was successful and we are very grateful to Dr. Selim and Jinepol for their sincere help and professionalism. We highly recommend Jinepol.

Submitted by Anastasia on Saturday, Mar 09, 2019

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Grateful for a everything

Amazing team,Dr Senoz is kind and patient.my treatment was successful.

Submitted by Jackline Wambui on Monday, Aug 07, 2017