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Forsa Fertility -  is Ukrainian Egg donation and Surrogacy agency, which cooperates with TOP Ukrainian IVF clinics, located in Kyiv. We offer highest success rates: 86% CPR in egg donation cycles, 66% in ivf, Guaranteed pregnancy in 1.5 attempts, individualized treatment plan. 

Why choose Forsa Fertility?

  • Wide range of IVF treatment
  • Procedures NOT Allowed in your country (egg donation, surrogacy, pgs testing)
  • 3 innovative reproductive partner clinics in Ukraine
  • Own genetics laboratory
  • Now waiting list
  • We accept patients with 60 years old limit.
  • Surrogacy. Guaranteed pregnancy

Assisted Reproduction Treatments we offer:

  • IVF
  • Egg donation
  • Egg donation+NGS
  • ICSI
  • IUI
  • PRP (ovaries, endometrium rejuvanation procedures)
  • Surrogacy

Egg donation

For many families who have been struggling with infertility over the years by different reasons, egg donation can be the one and only chance to give birth to their own baby. In Ukraine, this area of reproductive medicine holds one of the highest-ranking positions due to the constant professional improvement of ART specialists and the use of cutting-edge technologies. 

Having these two key components as well as a large pool of egg donors, Forsa Fertility makes it real for you to create a family that you dreamt of. Moreover, our egg donation packages will not cost you a fortune since Ukraine is considered to be the country with some of the most affordable prices for IVF treatment. 

All the egg donation packages include the services of a worthy family vacation – airport transfer, delicious breakfast, comfortable 4-star hotel accommodation. Check out our prices with the services included and choose the most suitable for you option. 

Egg donation packages:

  • Egg donation (1 transfer) - 4500 EUR
  • Egg donation (2 transfers) - 6500 EUR
  • Egg donation (3 transfers) - 8500 EUR
  • Egg donation + NGS - 7700 EUR

Medical Services Included:

  • First appointment with a qualified obstetrician-gynecologist of the clinic
  • Medical checkup of intended parents
  • Sperm freezing
  • Full medical checkup of an egg donor
  • IVF treatment with ICSI
  • Ovarian stimulation medicines for a donor or a patient
  • Medicines for the preparation of the recipient’s endometrium
  • Follicle puncture of a donor for oocytes collection
  • Embryos culture to the blastocyst stage
  • Embryo transfer
  • Compensation for oocytes donation
  • Medicines for the pregnancy support up to the 12th week

Agency Services:

  • Analysis of medical records
  • Visa invitations
  • Legal support, namely drawing up a contract
  • Support and coordination of medical and organizational issues
  • Translation and certification of the documents necessary for the treatment program
  • Interpreter services
  • Egg donor selection
  • Personal airport transfer
  • Driver services during the program
  • One meal a day (breakfast), 4-star hotel for initial visits
  • Pregnancy control by the coordinator up to the 12th week
  • Nursing services


Ukraine is a surrogacy friendly country with developed laws on commercial surrogacy. It is highly popular among couples all over the world. Such recognition and trust are due to the loyal prices, high successes rates, options on genetic testing of embryos, the possibility to choose the sex of a future baby and a full range of accompanying services included in the program.

The cost of the surrogacy program at Forsa Fertility covers all medical expenses (including medical tests and medications), the compensation of an egg donor and a surrogate mother, legal and guest services, an agency fee. 

Learn more about surrogacy cost:

Surrogacy packages:

  • Surrogacy with Own Oocytes - 45 000 €
  • Surrogacy with Donor Oocytes. Pregnancy Guarantee - 55 000 €
  • Cryo Surrogacy – 40 000 €

Surrogacy with Forsa Fertility Agency. Options Included

  • No need to wait

It depends entirely on you how quickly the program starts. We guarantee that an embryo transfer will be scheduled within 1-2 months after your first visit to a doctor and no later than 3 months.

  • Medical team
  • Medical examinations (included into the programme)
  • Medications

For the preparation of patients, egg donors and surrogate mothers we use only licensed and time-tested medicines that increase the effectiveness of treatment and reduce the risk of adverse reactions.

  • Genetic testing
  • Individual choice of a surrogate mother
  • Free egg donor selection
  • Legal support
  • Accommodation and meals (President Hotel 4* superior accommodation) 
  • Car transfer

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We speak: english, 中国人, français, italiano, руcский, українська, polski.

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