Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic Cambridge

Fertility Clinic
Bourn, England, CB23

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Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic Cambridge
High St
Bourn, England, CB23
United Kingdom

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Monday to Friday 8am — 4.30pm

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Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic Cambridge

Bourn Hall is a supportive place for those on a journey to complete their family. Our aim is to make you feel at home in a caring environment – the ideal place to be when you are trying to start a family of your own.

We offer wide range of tests and treatments to help you have a family of your own – ranging from fairly simple treatments such as ovulation induction through to the latest high tech IVF treatments and techniques.

Our close-knit team of experienced fertility professionals will support you on every step of your journey, giving reassuring advice and creating a treatment plan that’s personal to you.

The type of treatments we offer is continually expanding, as we strive to give you the best possible chance of becoming a parent and making your dreams come true. This includes a range of options to have a family using donor gametes and with many different ways to fund your treatment.

To help you make the right decisions, we use everyday, easy-to-understand language – whether you are talking to our counsellors, consultants or other clinical staff, or reviewing details on our website.

Everyone at Bourn Hall is passionate about following our founders’ vision of being ‘pioneers in treatment and experts in care’.