Parul IVF Centre

Fertility Clinic
San Francisco, California, 94129

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Clinic Name
Parul IVF Centre
San Francisco, California, 94129
United States

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English other
Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday 10am — 1pm and 6pm — 8pm
Saturday 10am — 1pm

Parul IVF Centre

In Parul Hospital each and every patient get personal attention from Dr. Parul Sharda and Dr. Pratish Sharda. From beginning till the end patient are in constant contact with them. This makes the treatment more transport and effective with less anywish to the patient. This also makes the doctors answerable to the patient.

  • Ethical and transparent work.
  • Mental satisfaction
  • Result oriented work
  • Support throughout the journey
  • Provide world-class Gynaecological Services in Infertility, Endoscopy, Maternity and Sonography.
  • Excel in super-specialized gynaecological care based on evidences.
  • a wide database of knowledge for future use and dissemination.
  • Target development of newer technology and the full range of protocols.
  • Disseminate knowledge among doctors, colleagues and post graduate students.

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