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Bali, Bali

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Bali Royal Hospital
Jalan Letda Tantular No.6 Renon Denpasar
Bali, Bali

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Bali Royal Hospital

BROS (Bali Royal Hospital) was founded in 2009 and commenced operations on July 17, 2010. Located in the civic center Renon in Tantular. 6 street Denpasar, thus facilitating the access of visitors. BROS comes with a variety of health facilities for outpatient services, medical check-up or hospitalization. BROS has 65 rooms with a total of 115 beds are divided into six types of inpatient rooms including the intensive care unit (HCU, ICCU, NICU, PICU and Intermediate Care Unit). Also equipped with modern diagnostic support facilities such as multi-slices CT-Scan, Ultrasound 4 Dimensions, Endoscopy, Mammography, Laboratory, and others. With the opening of some units of superior service that is: IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) Neuro Science Centre, Minimally Invasive Surgery (Endoscopy) and Cosmetic Surgery, is expected to make BROS (Bali Royal Hospital) regional referral center for the case of Bali and eastern Indonesia. The support of qualified human resources and professional, BROS is expected to provide complete health services for the community. MOTTO. Vision: Become a superior health care center with emphasis on PATIENT SAFETY. The development of Reproduction Technology Assistance (TRB) especially in the field of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) has vast been developing worldwide. This technique recorded a significant success worldwide originating with the birth of a baby girl in 1978 by a team of British doctors. One of the ways for infertile couples to reproduce is through In Vitro Fertilization although it is still considered to be expensive. The success of this reproduction system highly depends on the quality of the clinic and the team of doctors. The clinic and team of doctors provided under Royal IVF is to ensure quality, professionalism and cost efficient to the patient. The IVF clinic at Bali Royal Hospital reflects a concept that ensures “One Stop Fertility Service” supported by up-to-date facilities such as embryology laboratory, andrology laboratory, 4D USG, Laparoscopy and Radiology Installation.

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Submitted by Nikolas on Monday, Jul 08, 2019

I wanted to know more about IVF in Indonesia. No feedback from this clinic.

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I wanted to know more about IVF in Indonesia. What IVF can be offered (conventional, with ICSI or with IMSI), what are additional IVF options (assisted hatching, genetic screening), how much time IVF cycle lasts, what are the costs, are there any hotels for accommodation. No feedback from this clinic.

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