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Egg Donor Lviv Oblast

Alternatyva - Human Reproduction Clinic

Alternatyva is a well-known reproductive clinic in Lviv, Ukraine. Since 2009 our reproductive specialists have helped thousands of families to feel the joy of becoming parents. Over the years, we have managed to gather the best specialists ( 12... more...

Lviv, Lviv Oblast , Ukraine

International Fertility Group

International Fertility Group (IFG) is a worldwide IVF and surrogacy agency. Embryo transfer procedure is conducted in Ukraine under the full control and supervision of reproductive doctors. Consultations for the patients are provided by multilingual... more...

L'viv, Lviv Oblast , Ukraine

Intersono IVF clinic
Rated 3.5/5 (3 Reviews)

About Intersono IVF clinic INTERSONO IVF clinic has been successfully providing multiple options for IVF, Egg donation and Surrogacy treatment for 15 years.  Since then, it has helped the birth of more than 5000 babies.  Intersono is... more...

L'viv, Lviv Oblast , Ukraine

OVOGENE Donor Bank

Ovogene Donor Bank is an international egg donor bank which supplies fertility clinics and patients with frozen donor eggs, sperm and embryos. We prioritise the quality of our donor eggs, as this is a crucial factor influencing the success of every... more...

L'viv, Lviv Oblast , Ukraine

Ovoria Egg Bank

Ovoria Egg Donor Bank is a science-driven, customer-oriented worldwide egg donor bank.  We are making new life possible by offering the highest quality donor oocytes for intended parents and fertility clinics. Launched in 2001, Ovoria unveiled... more...

L'viv, Lviv Oblast , Ukraine


Parens-Ukraine is a reproduction centre which aims to give you the best ways to reach your lifetime goal of parenthood. We adhere to the European quality standards and operate according to UARM and ESHRE recommendations. Our team of IVF specialists... more...

L'viv, Lviv Oblast , Ukraine



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