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Sankt-Peterburg, 199034

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Delta Fertility Clinic
the 13th line of Vasilievsky Island, 10
Sankt-Peterburg, 199034

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Monday to Saturday 9am - 8pm

Delta Fertility Clinic

Nowadays no one is surprised when a clinic offers PGT-A, individual stimulation protocols or using donor biomaterial: you can receive these types of treatment in each top-level fertility center in Russia or Ukraine. Making such a big step like infertility treatment abroad, you want to make sure you are making the right decision, but it is pretty difficult with so many to choose from.

Why Delta Fertility? 
- We not just give you high quality treatment, Delta Fertility is compassionate staff, easygoing administrative process, clear pricing and profitable IVF programs best meeting your needs
- We are saving your time and doing all procedures in one place! If you expect that planning the gynecological operation or IVF treatment will take months: it is not our case. We'll start whenever you're ready
- We keep in touch before, during and after your treatment journey. Distant coordination, online appointments and communication in a comfortable for you form
- Minimal waiting time for fresh donor eggs, no waiting time for frozen donor eggs and sperm. Our coordinator will provide you with all required information about the donors and help you to choose the suitable for you package

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“My doctor told me I need a folliculometry. Are they going to measure something?”  Folliculometry...

Posted by Delta Fertility Clinic on 01/10/2023

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Male factor - patient story

When Katya (name changed) came to our clinic for the first time, she was 36. She had 4 years of pregnancy attempts behind...

Posted by Delta Fertility Clinic on 12/10/2022

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Azoospermia is a complete absence of sperm cells in one’s semen. If one discovers a few single sperm cells after...

Posted by Delta Fertility Clinic on 11/17/2022

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Stages of embryo development

During the follicle puncture, the follicular fluid goes to the embryologists’ table, where mature egg cells are selected...

Posted by Delta Fertility Clinic on 09/12/2022

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Anonymous egg donation in Russia

Majority of egg donation in Russia is done by using the services of anonymous donors who are recruited by IVF clinics and...

Posted by Delta Fertility Clinic on 08/05/2022

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It’s been known for quite a while that it’s technically impossible to preserve egg cells inside a...

Posted by Delta Fertility Clinic on 06/10/2022

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Advanced reproductive age and IVF

In my practice, I’m getting more and more patients over 40 who wish to conceive a child. The first, second, or even...

Posted by Delta Fertility Clinic on 02/23/2022

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BRCA 1/2 genes mutations in reproductive medicine

Breast cancer can be inherited, and we currently know several variants of gene mutations responsible for such inheritance....

Posted by Delta Fertility Clinic on 02/10/2022

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IVF with donor eggs in Delta Fertility

Treatment using donor eggs is an effective way to achieve a pregnancy and a birth of a healthy child in cases where the...

Posted by Delta Fertility Clinic on 02/07/2022

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